An Open Letter to My Past Self

An Open Letter to My Past Self

What I wish I could tell the younger me.

To myself 18 years ago,

I just want to start by saying: everything works out.

The day has finally come. The car is packed, and you are on your way to Curry College to pursue a major in Communication. Last night you said goodbye to your best friend, and this morning you went out bright and early to Dunkin' Donuts because the only way the boys would help you load up was if you brought them iced coffee and food. You have been waiting for this moment all summer, and you had all of your dorm stuff nice and early. As your friends are currently stressed out and running in circles preparing for tomorrow, you can relax and mentally prepare. You have talked to your roommate, and she seems nice. It took so much to get you to this point and you do not regret one step of the way.

You meet your childhood best friends when you move to Cape Cod at age two. They live right down the street, and you do everything together. There are neighborhood cookouts and your parents even take you to see ice shows. As you grow up, you and your neighborhood friends grow apart, but your childhood memories remain. From having lemonade stands, to playing manhunt outside until 11 p.m., these are the people you grow up with.

You were lucky enough to go to a kindergarten through grade eight elementary school, meaning you met and bonded with the same kids for nine years. The school system changed when you were a junior in high school. Now there is a pre-k through grade two school and a grade three through six school. The seventh and eighth graders were put at the high school. You loved your time at the little elementary school. You faced some struggles with anxiety and friends, but in the end, you came to love that small community. Your best friend today was in that small kindergarten class back just twelve years ago. She was not your best friend then, but she soon became it. You join an amazing theatre program at that elementary school. You are in High School Musical Jr., Beauty and the Beast Jr., and The Seussical Jr. You make some of your best friends and memories during those shows, and nothing ever compares to the feeling before a show.

Your friends from elementary are no longer your best friends. You are friendly, but it was never the same. In eighth grade you dreaded picking a high school. You were not accepted to the charter school because of the lottery system there. You ended up picking a high school in a neighboring town. About halfway through the subsequent summer, you chose to attend your local high school. *Spoiler Alert*: it was the best decision you made! When eighth grade came to a close, you were sad because this had been your community for nine years; you did not know the amazing four years that were ahead of you in high school.

On your first day of high school, your dad drives you to the school alongside your best friend. The place seems gigantic and you cannot find your locker. Two weeks into high school, that friend will leave to attend the charter school because her number was finally picked in the lottery. That year progresses and you made friends, but you do not really get involved. Sophomore year rolls around, and you are comfortable walking into the building on the first day. You join the model UN and another club based off of Big Brother Big Sister. *Spoiler Alert (again)*: you end up becoming the president of that second club during your senior year. Winter comes and you apply to be a peer leader, and get in! You get to go on the leadership retreat in June, but you end up falling down the stairs at that camp and severely spraining your ankle.

Junior year is when your high school career begins to amaze you. As a peer leader, you assist in open houses and similar events. You were chosen to do an independent project with the head of the technology department. You also take two AP classes: AP Biology and AP United States History, and you only end up regretting one of those classes! In the spring you go back to your elementary school to help your former theatre director resurrect the amazing program that you were a part of. You meet two of your best friends doing this and complete more than 200 hours of community service. You are then accepted into the National Honor Society! You did not think it could get any better and then senior year came.

Your accomplishments lead you to become a senior mentor to the class of 2019. That will be one of the best experiences you have during high school. You take AP Psychology and AP literature and Composition. You begin touring colleges and apply early action to nine colleges in three different states, and two different countries. You are accepted into all of those schools. In February, you finally choose Curry College.

You and your older sister get matching tattoos! You also help with another play at the elementary school with your best friends. When June comes, everyone is ready to graduate. On the last day of classes, everyone wears their college t-shirts with pride as you are dismissed from school an hour early, only to come back for graduation practice.

The day before graduation you will get your graduation robe and cap and be loaded on a bus and brought to your elementary school to march through. You see your old teacher with tears in their eyes. You made it. The Friday night before graduation, your graduating class will board The Odyssey boat cruise in Boston for one last hurrah. You dress up and take beautiful pictures of the skyline. The last memory of that night is the final song on the dance floor, “All My Friends” by Snakehips. Everyone is singing all of the words at the top of their lungs. Then on the bus ride home, someone brought a speaker and your bus did a sing along to old songs. The next morning you all said goodbye for what may be forever.

Now you are ready to cross the Sagamore Bridge into your future. I do not know what these next four years will hold, but I am ready to find out and I will let you know! Enjoy every aspect because in the end you will have no regrets.


You in 18 years
Cover Image Credit: Sarah Simmons

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