An Open Letter To My Sister

Dear Sister,

If I could capture my love for you in writing, it would be "parsimonious." Other than that, I am unsure how to express how much love you have regurgitated on me. In terms of kites, it is three. In terms of life, it is universe.

The minute you were birthed into this mighty world, I felt a tingle in my organs; that tingle was the tingle of love. You were a gift from The Heavens that did not have to be wrapped or put in a poor gift bag with tissue paper, just tied tightly with smooth ribbon and topped with a brave bow. The minute Mama took you home, you looked me straight in the eye and said "Brendan, the earths have the light but you are the sun." It was at that moment, I knew we would be best friends for eternities.

Now that I have nestled myself within the sweet breast of The Great College, I can no longer sight you. I miss spitting with you. I miss pretending to be shrimp and laughing at the grass. I miss the late nights cooking beef under the stars. Although I am forbidden from seeing you in human, the holy sister spirit reaches into my chest and tickles my heart every fortnight. I would not trade it for anything, not for beans, not even for a sauna.

Sister, oh sweet spacious sister, I do not know what I would do without you and your feet. You are so sister it hurts my cornea- but I hurt for you. I wish I were as sister as you. I am not worthy, oh stormy sister, but I will brother you with great honor and fright. You will know your brother is a pale and powerful brother with heart of graphite and lungs of Amazon rainforest. My heart weeps with the mighty toxins of love, love as endless as yarn.

With smooth regards,


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