Dear Best Friends,

I always remember talking about what we were all going to do in the future throughout high school. It was like the future felt so far away. Little did we know, it was so close. We truly lived in the moment every second we were together, even in the last moments we would see each other for who knows how long, and that was the most anxious feeling for me.

Being the one to stay home for college was a hard decision knowing you all wouldn't be physically here with me. Moving in to the dorms the first day felt different, since you all were already moved into college. As I stay here, at home in Milwaukee, you all are across the United States. Home didn’t feel like home anymore because you were all in...

Iowa, New York City, California, Madison.

I knew you all leaving would impact me, but I had no idea how much it would until you all left. I remember the last week of summer where it seemed like every other day we were saying our goodbyes to one of you, and that was one of the hardest weeks of my life. It was like watching everything I know suddenly leave, but I knew this was our time to grow; I know we would always be together mentally, even if distance physically sets us apart.

You are the reason why I realized people can make a place feel like home. People can feel like home to you, and that's what you all were to me. You were all home. You all significantly impacted my life, have made me who I am today, and without you all I couldn’t imagine getting through all of my struggles.

Going home on the weekends was different. My house was silent, there wasn't girls running around all over, the noise of laughter decreased, and my energy level quickly went away with the sound of laughter. It was hard when my entire environment changed when you all left.

Some days are harder than others. Some days, when life is too much, all I want to do is be with all of you. Laying in my bed listening to music, driving around the city, and getting food past midnight. Some days I wish our distance would disappear and we could be together every moment, but I know distance is key to growing as individuals as well as strengthening our friendships.

I know the distance is hard, but we have become so much closer because of it. It was hard making friends in college at first because it was hard to meet people that understood me as well as you all did. It was hard to start over. Even though I was still in the city I was raised in, it felt so different. It was different without the people I have surrounded myself with my entire high school career.

Everywhere I went I had the memories of what we have done together and I continue to look forward to the breaks where we can meet again. It's weird to feel so new in a city you have lived in forever. I felt like a tourist almost, like exploring all of the things we did but with other people, was so foreign to me. It was like I had to re-explore everything for the first time again.

Thank you for writing letters. Thank you for FaceTiming me while walking to classes. Thank you for sending me memes that we can all relate too. Thank you for still being present in my life as much as you can. You have taken time out of your busy lives to make sure I am doing okay, to make sure I am happy.

Most importantly,

Thank you for loving me from miles away. Thank you for not letting the distance beat us.