A best friend is someone who knows it all. They know what makes you tick and what makes you laugh until you can not breath. A best friend not only knows about all of your crazy experiences but was there with you during it all.

I want to start this letter by saying good luck because boy is my best friend a handful. But in all seriousness whoever this goes out to, lucky is truly what you are because you have befriended the most incredible human being there is. Im sure when college began you never expected to meet someone who touched your soul but this is what she will do.

In time you will learn that she has a quirky personality. She likes to joke about how much of a princess she is, but trust me she does not mean it as a joke. You will learn that when she feels ill it is important to rub her back and when she is heartbroken just be there to hold her. She does not need much, she is strong, just make it known that you are there. It will not take long for you to realize just how sensitive she really is. She will not yell or throw a fit. But when her bubbly personality turns quiet be warned, someone is in big trouble.

Now I am sure that you will come to learn things about my best friend that I did not have the privilege to experience with her. You will get to see the first exam meltdown. You will learn how she likes her coffee during all night study sessions. And you will be there for most of the big adult moments.

All I ask is that you take care of our best friend. I leave her in your hands in full confidence that you will make sure she makes it through college alive. Remind her not to take that extra shot of tequila because she has a calculus test in the morning. Remind her that boys after 10 P.M. are always bad news. But also, I hope you remind her just how great your life has been since she entered it.

To whomever this letter may concern I would like to issue my sincerest thank you. I just hope that you cherish every minute you get to call her your best friend. I hope that she brings as much joy into your life as she has for me. I hope you realize just how great a life-long friend she truly is. And every now and then I hope you let her talk you into those crazy ideas she gets daily.


The High School Best Friend