5 Things My 5th Grade Self Should Have Heard

5 Things My 5th Grade Self Should Have Heard

Stay a kid a little longer, it'll be worth it.

Have you ever looked at the innocence of a child and seen yourself in them? Maybe it’s the way you see the little girl next door skips everywhere she goes, or you when you look into the beaming eyes of the 8-year old girl you babysit when her face light up whenever she talks about the best new book she finished reading.

Recently, I have caught myself wondering what I would tell my 11-year-old self before I reached an era of my life full of the childlike innocence fading — learning people can’t always be trusted and mistakes are a part of life, but things will get better. Reflecting on growth past my childhood nostalgia, there are a few pieces of wisdom I would endow my 11-year-old self:

1. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever

I remember thinking in 5th grade best friends and I (or the "Fab 5") as we called ourselves, would be my soul-mates, my bridesmaids and forever friends. Fast forward to middle school, when suddenly finding boyfriends to go to the movies with became more important than planning the next sleepover on the weekend, friendships started to turn into dust. Soon I learned girls can be mean and it's sometimes not worth it to hold onto a friendship. People come and go, but what you learned from them never changes.

2. Don't judge based on people's decisions

If there is one thing I discovered as I grew up it's that people's poor decisions don't always reflect their hearts. When I was younger (and probably way too deep into my teenage years) I had the mindset that people that did bad things, weren't good people. I have learned that some of the best people haven't made the best decisions. Just because people don't have the same choices in life as you don't make them any worse.

3. Don't be so hard on yourself

You will make mistakes. This is a part of life. This may be messing up on your math test in 7th grade, it could be saying something unkind to a friend at 16, or truly being sorry for how you acted during because you were hurt at 22. Despite your mistakes, know you are human and they are inevitable. Learn from them, accept growth and forgive yourself.

4. Not everyone can be trusted

Children tend to see the best in everyone. This trait can be carried into your 20s, to believe it or not. My best friend once said, "you biggest downfall is giving everyone the benefit of the doubt." It is good to see the best in people, but remember not to expect too much from everyone and don't take it to heart when they reflect less than what you thought.

5. It's not bad to not be in a hurry to grow up

Sometimes you're going to feel pressured to grow up. Maybe in 6th grade, your friends started talking more about boys and makeup. Perhaps in high school, everyone only cared about drinking and parties. If you're not interested in growing up fast — don't pretend to be. Staying a kid a little longer was one of the best things I could do. Growing up will happen eventually, but don't rush it. Stay a kid a little longer, it'll be worth it.

One reminder that I give myself when I decide whether or not to trust my judgment is to be some that would make my 11-year old self-proud. Children see the best in people, dream big and are hopeful for the future. No matter what grow up stuff gets in my way, I try to bring out my 11-year-old soul from time to time to remember to not take life too seriously.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia DeLucia

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Living The College Life Doesn't Mean You Can Judge Those Who Chose Something Different

Life is full of choices and we can only judge our own.


Picture this: you just got home from your summer internship and as you're sitting on the couch catching up on all of your social media for the day, you see that another girl you went to high school with is pregnant with her second kid! You may have only tangentially known this girl, but you immediately screenshot the post and send it to your group chat of your friends from home.

The conversation probably looks something like this:

You: (insert girl's name here) is pregnant!! Again!

Friend A: Whatt?!? Dude. I didn't even know she had a kid before.

Friend B: I just saw this too! Crazy!! I can barely keep my cactus alive, so kids definitely won't be on my radar anytime soon.

Friend A: Relatable. I honestly can't imagine.

Sound familiar?

So many of us do this, and even if not with malicious intent, we often don't realize that what may come as shocking or irresponsible in our eyes may be a perfectly normal and responsible life choice for someone else. Most of us are in college and are surrounded by, you guessed it — people that are also in college. This may be the path that the majority of us are on, but it is not the path that everyone takes, and we should be able to respect that.

Just because you are working towards becoming an engineer, doctor or lawyer doesn't mean that you are better than the person who chose to enter the workforce after high school or the person who chose to start a family early.

If you think about all the different choices and circumstances that landed you where you are today, you'll begin to realize how many different paths you could've taken. Hopefully you can look back and be happy with the path you chose, but more importantly, you should be able to notice that the choices you made to get there may not have been the choices that would have been best for a different person in different circumstances.

So, is it okay to send that screenshot to your friends back home? Sure! It's always fun to keep track of what people from your high school are up to and to reminisce with your old friends. We just need to be careful not to judge those who are on different paths, no matter how much they differ from our own.

Life is full of choices, and, at the end of the day, the only choices we can judge are our own. You often don't know the entire story when it's someone you know, much less when it's just some girl you went to high school with.

Cover Image Credit:

Darby Peter

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