An Open Letter To High School Seniors

To High School Seniors,

Congratulations, you've made it through high school, almost. You just have one more semester to finish. I know right now you're probably thinking 'it's about damn time I want to get out of here', I thought the same thing during the second semester of my senior year. This last semester is going to really fly by, and for some of you that might be a good thing, and for some it might not. What I hope you do is cherish the time you do have left, go to sports games, go to your schools plays or musicals, just get involved with something. It will all be over in the blink of an eye, and right now you're thinking that you won't miss it, that college will be way better, which is only part true. College is better in a lot of ways, but you will miss high school. You'll miss your friends, you'll miss the teams or clubs that you were a part of, you'll miss living at home.

Take your time this last half of your senior year, don't take yourself too seriously. Let loose and have some fun. Go all out for spirit weeks, go to every school event that you can, do everything you can imagine. One of the worst things you can do is pass up on an opportunity because you think it will make you look 'lame' or un-cool. Have fun and do whatever you want, as long as its safe and legal, please.

Your senior year will be over before you know it, so don't waste a minute of it. Soon you'll be off to bigger, better, adult-ier, things, and it will be great. But trust me, you will long for the day that you got lunch at a scheduled time, and being given reminders about homework and tests, and no mid-terms. Take care during your senior year and have and have a blast.


A college student who didn't take their own advice.

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