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An Open Letter To Florida, I Can't Wait To Say Goodbye To You

Living in the Sunshine State isn't for me.


Florida, some people may find your sandy white beaches and unmatched heat a joy to exist in. Some people may believe that you truly are the best state to live in and could not imagine living anywhere else. We have always had a love-hate relationship but it is finally time for me to come out and say this - Florida, I don't think we're a good match anymore.

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to you, I've been browsing different places for ages now trying to find a state that fits my needs. Not too far away (so we can visit the family that still live here, obviously), not too conservative (you know how I feel about my politics), it needs to have some decent weather (because come on Florida, you know how much I hate this humidity), and I need somewhere that actually exists within the realm of having seasons (I'm tired of this too hot, kinda hot thing you've got going on).

Don't be sad, you'll forget about me in a few years. And no, I'm not going to do that crazy thing where I pop up in your life just to grab a coffee and make you question all the things you had put out of your head years ago. I'd never dream of doing that to you – someone else will come along and make you as happy as I've seemed to make you for all these years. I'm assuming that's why I've been kept here so long.

I'll be around for a little while longer, but once I'm out, I'm gone for good. Don't worry about seeing me again. I'm tired of the snowbirds and their terrible driving, tired of the afternoon thunderstorms that ravage everything in its path, tired of you not being able to make up its mind about what kind of weather we're going to have. Just pick one - it honestly cannot be that hard, but somehow you've always found a way to make it difficult.

The things you offer just aren't working for me anymore. I need someone with more opportunity, friendlier people, more landscapes (I'm tired of this flat, flat, flat, ground), and honestly, I just need a change.

So yes, maybe it is me. Cliche right? You're just not the right fit for me anymore and I'm going crazy every day being stuck in this relationship with you. But understand, I never had any bad feelings before and I still don't have any. I just want you to understand that I just can't handle this anymore. You're just not able to give me what I want and that's okay, I'm the one who has to do the work in order to find something that works for me.

I'll always cherish our time together, you've given me some great memories and we'll always have those. But once I'm done with school, that's the last you'll see of me.

Goodbye Florida, I'm sorry but I won't miss you as much as you'll miss me.

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Friendship: From School To College

The only thing I know is that I don't know


In the first version of my common app essay I wrote about friendship. I started by describing this mural I have in my bedroom. It occupies about two walls and is as huge as you are probably picturing in your head. I have always been slightly entitled, and so at the time I really thought I understood what friendship was about. I had just had a massive fight with some people whom I used to consider very close friends, and I had proceeded to (very dramatically) take down some pictures from this mural. So the mural was incomplete, and I used this as a metaphor in an essay that if I had submitted it at the time, I probably wouldn't be writing this article for Odyssey at Emory because I wouldn't have gotten into college in the first place.

Thankfully, I decided against that essay and submitted a completely different version in December of 2016. The mural, however, continues to be incomplete. I have made peace with some of the people I had fought with back then, and have made new friends in college and matured quite a bit since that first draft of my common app essay. Now, I can more humbly say that I don't really know much about friendships, or people in general, despite pursuing a psychology major for the past two years. The mural is incomplete because of this lack of knowledge.

Something that I have learned though is that college friendships and school friendships are fundamentally different. I went to a small school from when I was six years old to the time I graduated. That is a whole lifetime seeing the same people every day, growing up with those people, a whole lifetime to understand the values and habits of those people. And even then they can surprise you. So how arrogant did I have to be to not expect any surprises from people I knew for only one year in college. It's true that it's a different way of knowing people, that living together away from home pulls people closer than in any other situation. But how well can you really know someone after one or two years?

Not well enough, is the only answer I have been able to come up with. There is a certain symmetry I think, of me writing a bad essay about my broken mural after having a fight with my friends in school, and now three years since then here I am, writing a more humble version of that essay about that same mural, which remains incomplete. But this time, the mural isn't incomplete because I am mad or hurt and don't want to look at certain faces. Its incomplete because I am not sure who I want to put up in the mural yet.

I have never liked the idea of family being your blood relatives, because there are many blood relatives that I don't like, and many people whom I am not related to by blood but am related to by heart. There are few certainties, and these are up in my mural. But as I mentioned before, it's a huge mural, and so there is still a lot of space left for more.

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