Cancer. Just the sound of your name sends shivers down my spine. You show no discrimination on who you decide to consume. You sink your teeth into your victim and challenge them to the fight of their life.

Cancer, because of you chemo exists. The controlled poison that is pumped into your victim to attempt to kill you and reclaim the life of the victim that you have consumed. This poison, chemo, morphs the victim into a person they do not even recognize when they look in the mirror. Their hair begins to fall, their face begins to swell, their body begins to weaken.

Cancer, not only do you hurt your victim, you hurt everyone who loves them. You have an incredible way of making the loved ones of your victim feel completely helpless.

Cancer, you have made it clear that you refuse to go down without a long, hard fight. Even though you are an awful component of this world, you do have a unique way of bringing people together. You bring the loved ones of your victim together to form a unified front who have one thing in common, the hatred for you.

Cancer, we will not go down without a fight either. We will never stop fighting to find a cure for you. Our bodies are our temples, and you are not welcome to live in our temples. You have already claimed too many of us, we are fighting every day against you so that you cannot claim us anymore.

Cancer, just know that we will never stop fighting.