Must've been nice, right?

Hearing that you won't be going to jail and that all you needed was rehab.

You must've been ecstatic.

I mean, you did watch as your boyfriend brutally beat your daughter because she was a "demon", and when you realized that your daughter was dead, you thought, "Hmm, a trash bag will be nice."

Rehab is real good for you after going through all that, eh?

How could you, as a mother, look at those beautiful chubby cheeks and beautiful brown eyes - and watch that animal do that to her? You're just as bad as him. Were you too high to care? Too high to grasp that your baby girl wasn't breathing? I think you were fully aware of the situation, fully aware of how much trouble you would be getting into, and yet you threw her away like literal trash.

Were there tears? Nah. You probably got high after. You and that fucking maggot. You make me sick to my stomach. You're all smiles and happy in selfies with your daughter, but you were just putting on a show. And the Mother of The Year Award goes to!

Both of you are disgusting, and so is that sperm donor that got you pregnant. Where was he when she was being beaten, or when her body was found? And all his mother had to say was "Hmm, that looks like my granddaughter." I have no sympathy for him, or you, at all.

Look at the pictures of you, smiling that ugly smile, when you found out that you were a free woman. How many times did you use the fake tears?

Usually, I give sympathy to addicts, but it is not an excuse to stand there and watch your boyfriend BEAT YOUR CHILD. This beautiful little girl lost her life for no reason. There is no explanation for it.

She deserved a better life, and you deserve nothing but misery and pain the rest of your life. I hope that, when you walk down the street, you feel the hatred burning into your skin from the eyes of the ones that believe you deserve a life sentence. Maybe this is better for you, to be out, free from jail, so you can be publicly humiliated. But maybe you're too much of a coward to show your face to the public when you're set free. Just like you were a coward when it came to preventing your boyfriend from killing your daughter.

A mother is supposed to protect their child from the evil in this world, and that evil was inside your house and you did NOTHING.

How'd the drugs feel? Was it better than motherhood? Must've been.

A little girl dies, you dump her by the ocean. You're a real nice "mother".

Karma is real, sweetheart. Wait for it.

An Extremely Pissed Off Bostonian