To Overdoing It,

I was talking with a friend not too long ago about overdoing it. That can mean many things to different people, but I am referencing in this week's letter to not getting enough sleep or relaxation.

As the world becomes even more complicated, it gets faster as well. It's in human nature to believe that we have to shove a hundred things into the 24 hours we're given in a day. It can be hard to ditch something entirely or move it to another date when going down a "to-do" list.

However, over exhaustion can be felt first in the body. And trust me, it'll let you know when it's not happy.

As I stated before, how someone can tell if they're over their limit can vary. However, even the smallest changes should be attended to. It could be that you seem a bit more sluggish than normal or that you can't focus as easily as you typically do. Whatever it may be, you have to sit and ask, "do I need a break? Am I overdoing it?"

I know it isn't easy for everyone to take a break away from their daily activities or responsibilities, but if you can answer, "yes" to the above questions, it may be a good idea. Even taking a half day to lie down or sit on the couch and read can do wonders to restore you physically and mentally.

As with most things, I am not an expert nor should my letters or any of my pieces take the place of seeing a physician or professional. However, I do write with the intent to help someone reflect on things. In this case, it's sleeping or relaxing to help fight fatigue.

That is my challenge for everyone in the upcoming weeks. I hope my readers can take some serious time away from their routines, be it rigorous or not, to restore and revitalize their bodies and minds. May you choose a healthy method of getting back on track and always remember that your wellbeing cannot and should not be compromised.

Many Good Vibes to You,