Dear Person,

You may or may not be one of the people who asks your friend, or your sister, or your daughter when they are going to get a boyfriend, when are you going to settle down, or something along those lines. Please do us a favor and just stop asking. Really, look, between work and school and classes do you really think we have the time or the energy for a boyfriend right now? Look, it’s not like we don’t like being in a relationship, it’s just that we aren’t actively looking for one; it’s not at the top of our list of priorities, so please stop trying to push us to find somebody.

We will find a decent guy when we are ready and have the time or want to.

Alright, let's take a minute to think about the idea of women. The sad truth is that when people think about women they think about being home, taking care of the kids, and need a husband or boyfriend in order to get anywhere in life. Some women want to stay home and take care of the kids and that is totally fine, but they, and every other woman in the world, are more than capable of taking care of ourselves.

We aren’t helpless little girls, we are grown women who don’t need anyone to hold our hands. We know how to set up our own wireless routers, we know how to use a hammer and tools to fix things around our homes and apartments, we can do our own errands, we can drive ourselves places, and we can walk ourselves home.

We have our own jobs and many of us like working. I, personally, love my job, and I would go insane if I was home in my apartment all day. Also, I love having my own money to save up or spend. I don't like having to depend on someone else and I doubt I am the only women out there who feels this way.

Don’t talk to us about buying things for us or wanting to spoil us because that isn’t something that we want.

We have our own jobs and if we want something then we will buy it for ourselves. We have our own money; we use it on things we need and sparingly on things we don’t.

So let us be. Let us focus on our work and our studies and don't worry. We are perfectly fine on our own and perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. And when we are ready to settle down and have a family, then we will. But don't expect us to stay home when we do, because we just can't stand sitting still.


The Independent Woman