When I say everyone should work in the food industry, I mean it. It changes lives.

I first started working at Bennett Pointe Grill in February of 2017. Before I was working there, it was my favorite restaurant in all of Durham.

The family atmosphere, the food, everything was on Pointe* (hehe see what I did there).

I really had no idea that the day I became a hostess at BPG would make my life so much better.

The first 2 months of working there were absolute hell. It felt like an eternity. I wanted to quit the late nights and the yelling but then my parents changed my mind and asked me to stay just a little bit longer and I am so glad I did.

Soon after, customers started to recognize me and would hold conversations with me. I knew all the food on the menu and I did my job right.

Most days, right after school, I'd walk into BPG ready to gossip with my coworkers about whatever had happened at earlier that day. They became my family.

Every night after closing we'd eat together or watch a movie. We used to prank each other when one of them was on the phone, whether that be by putting white-out on them, tickling them or making some annoying joke while they were trying to talk to someone. We weren't afraid to throw harsh jokes at each other.

The job was definitely hard. Working in a restaurant isn't easy when people expect their food, waiters, and experience to be perfect. People can be really mean, but it was a good thing we could go and talk to each other about it when we were having a hard time.

We had such good memories, Christmas parties, celebrations, tears, graduations, and more.

Even when I left after almost 2 years of working, we threw a small good-bye dinner and yet they still kept me in the group message. We talk every night about college and life back home. I cannot wait to work there again over break.

At one point, I hated it and then for 75% of it and counting I've loved it. BPG is my home. Home cooked meals, wild stories, fights like siblings and lots and lots of love.