Oh, Finsta, how entertaining you are. The fact that I can have a real Instagram account (Rinsta?) that kind of portrays me and can also have a fake Instagram account that truly portrays me is amazing to say the least. I praise you because I can post whatever I want and not care about the dreaded "double post" rule. I don't have to worry about posting a picture at peak Instagram hours because I don't care how many likes I get on it. The quality of photos that are posted doesn't have to be A1, and I can post as many pictures of my dog as I wish (because let's be real, who doesn't want to see 1,000 pictures of my German Shepherd?) I don't have to worry about witty captions or posting a photo with an aesthetically pleasing edit because I simply don't care. My Finsta is for me and me only, and the rest of my followers are just along for the ride.

Yes, sometimes Finstas can be weird and, at times, a little scandalous, but I truly only use you so I can post more pictures than I typically would and entertain myself in the process. I always get a good laugh out of scrolling through my feed, looking at the ridiculous pictures that my friends have posted. Sometimes it makes me question how we get into the situations that we do, but then I'm quickly jolted back to reality and realize that it's just because we're in college and are having fun.

Thank you for holding all of the hilarious memories that have been documented thus far in my life. Thank you for allowing me to share my life and show a side of me that nobody really gets to see through my real Instagram account. When the time comes to delete you and enter the real world of adulthood and all things scary, I'll be filled with sorrow, but I will always hold the memories of you dear to my heart. Without you, I would never get to post the screen-shotted SnapChat pictures my friends have sent me, nor would I get to post random things that I have taken pictures of throughout the day. I wouldn't get to spam anyone's Instagram feed with videos that I take at concerts (I'm sorry for this one, I'm actually so annoying), and I wouldn't have the privilege of posting whatever I want whenever I want.

So, Finsta, here's to you.