Thank you dearest library for always providing a roof over my head. No matter the weather, I could count on you for protection. Thank you for always providing ample seating options during the regular season. Even during the crazy times near finals, you've never failed to have a few empty seats. I am grateful for the endless long hours we have spent together which sometimes roll over into the wee hours of the morning. As a regular of club lib, I will discuss each floor so that others can appreciate you as well.


The place people go to socialize rather than do work. There are just long tables with spinny chairs to spark discussions and distractions. The prime socializing spot. The random animal pictures on the wall do create a nice ambience so thank you for creating some optimism. Thank you for providing the members of club lib with a place for refueling (shoutout to the mud box). We are all thankful for the endless coffee, snacks, sodas, fruit trays, and light meals to get us through our work. Digressing from the mudbox, we have the printing center. Even though the lines tend to run long during peak hours and the computers can be slow, thank you for being reliable with helping us pass our classes.


Also another socializing floor since there are a decent amount of long booths and tables to accommodate a large group. However, the fancy study rooms that you can reserve are magical. I highly recommend taking advantage because it is literally a room with a whiteboard and desk to yourself/your small group. Thank you for also providing students with the writing center to help them succeed. You rock, first floor.


The silent floor. This is where I spend most of my time. A lot people fear this floor due to the silent aspect, which can be a beautiful thing. This floor provides an escape from distraction for most, to allow work to actually get done. Four for you, club lib, you go club lib.

*PSA for people who go to this floor but chat loudly, please move to the third floor or lower. Don’t be that person. Thank you.*


Club lib designed a floor conducive to working but also socializing. On this floor, you are allowed to talk but obviously not scream which allows for people to keep their sanity. The new cubbies on this floor and the silent floor are heavenly and roomy. While it can be a schlep to get to with a heavy backpack, it has a lovely atmosphere. Good looks with this floor club lib.

Whether you are a regular of club lib, such as myself, or one of those people who only go during finals time, be grateful for this place. It isn’t called club lib for nothing. Study hard and stay focused, my people.

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