Earlier this week my boyfriend Troy and I were spending some quality time together before he heads off for vacation in Florida. After grabbing some delicious ice cream in Chagrin Falls, we came back to my apartment and popped in one of our favorite movies: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2." I hadn’t watched it in a long time, and hearing the opening theme brought back fond memories of my freshman year of high school when I powered through all seven books in a matter of months — I hadn’t shown much interest in them during my earlier childhood, but seeing all of the hype surrounding the final two-part movie made me cave in and start reading. I was done in plenty of time to see the midnight premiers of the final two movies in theaters with Troy and other friends. Since then, we had watched DH Part 2 and the other movies dozens of times.

So of course we had to tear it apart. We made puns and snide comments the whole way through. Except when Snape came on screen, because it kept hitting me in waves that Alan Rickman is actually dead. But come on: those long pauses when he’s threatening the student body have to come from him channeling his inner Frank-N-Furter.

The scene in which Harry steps out of hiding and calls out Snape in the Great Hall is always a favorite. However, Troy posed a good question. In "Half-Blood Prince," right before Snape kills Dumbledore (spoiler alert), he sneaks past Harry and signals for him to keep quiet. But, like…couldn’t he have said something? You know, maybe just a “heads up, kiddo, I’m about to kill one of the most important figures in your life because he told me to, so, like, don’t flip your shit (also, give my book back)?” Seems like it could’ve spared some hard feelings.

Anyways, Voldemort was also a good time. He makes all sorts of awkward noises throughout the movie, and some lovely internet people have even put together compilations of them, like this one. And he also produced this wonderful meme!

And just look at all that romantic tension between Ron and Hermione! Even if J.K. Rowling thinks that she should have just paired Harry and Hermione together, those two are a super cute couple (not gonna lie though, I also kind of think Harry and Hermione have more chemistry).

And it's always so satisfying to see Professor McGonagall so satisfied. In Part 2 she shows us that she's a boss-ass bitch who is totally endearing at the same time. I think this movie secured her as one of my favorite "Harry Potter" characters.

So there you have it: just a few of the many things that Troy and I, and so many others, love about these adaptations of a fabulous series. I could go on for longer, but if I did, we'd be here awhile.