Beauty standards have certainly changed in the last 50 years. In the last five years, even.

What was once seen as a normal and even beautiful body type "back in the day," is now seen as the body types that need to be changed. Unless you're a size 0 with rock hard abs and a big booty, you're not "beautiful" to the world.

This damages so many women (and even some men.) There are more teenagers starving themselves and throwing up their food just to fit into a smaller pair of jeans.

A lot of people aren't happy with themselves, because they're not a size 00.

Now, if you love yourself and are confident with who you are no matter your size, I applaud you. It's a tough battle to love yourself every single day, no matter what you look like.

The new Blockbuster "I Feel Pretty" starring Amy Schumer captures today's society in the perfect way. Amy Schumer spent the movie hating her body. She thought she was fat and ugly and when she was under some sort of "spell" she finally saw herself as beautiful.

As soon as that was gone, though, she didn't think she was good enough for the people who had come into her life when she was "beautiful."

But, (spoiler) the only thing that had changed was her confidence! It was the way she carried herself. When she saw herself as ugly, she hid herself... body, personality, all of it.

But when she thought her body had changed and she was now "beautiful," she took bigger chances. She gave people her number, she talked about herself positively.

All that had changed was how she perceived herself.

Now, I know for me during the movie, I watched Amy Schumer wear these cute as heck outfits thinking, "Wow, I wish I could look that good wearing something like that" while she was in the movie thinking she was too fat!

They're trying to portray Amy as "fat" or "plus size" when really, she is the size of a normal woman. She wears a size 6-8 dress, which is normal. I spent the entire movie thinking, "She looks amazing, how does the world think this is fat?"

I was absolutely blown away by the movie. I think it's an important one that every single woman and teenage girl needs to watch. We need to realize that we don't have to be skinny-skinny; we just have to be us.

Whoever that is — rock it with confidence.

Love the skin you're in. It's not about "skinny" or "fat"; it's about healthy. Love yourself and make sure you're healthy. Every body type is different, and there are so many different looks to "healthy."

I applaud Hollywood for finally coming out with a movie that showed inner beauty. Though it did focus a lot on the typical "beautiful" body type from today, it also showed how that isn't the only way to be beautiful.

And I think that is the most wonderful thing. I also applaud Amy Schumer for taking on this role. I hope she knows how beautiful she truly is... inside and out.

And to every female reading this, young and old, I hope you love the skin you're in. You are beautiful, despite your size. Be YOUtiful. Be confident. There is no one else like you in this entire world, and that is something that you should own.