Without a doubt, the American Revolution was the most impact event in the United States. To this day the revolution remains debated in some areas but nobody can deny that it impacted our culture and that we finally shook off the yoke of tyranny. Like all historical events, the people involved were not perfect- but they did what they could against a great power. Ugly things happened on both the loyalist and patriot sides, but the best way to discuss this event is to learn all you can about it. We can discuss the strength and flaws of each founding father in a separate article if you my dear readers are interested. The impact and the socio-political forces cannot be denied, as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution have both proven themselves to be not only strong documents for my homeland's history, but also significant to our culture.

For me personally, the Revolution served as my childhood stories. My great great great great great grandfather was the youngest participent in the Boston Tea Party, and served in the Continental Army. His family were all involved in the independence movement, and later abolitionists who ran anti-slavery societies. While I specialize in French history, the American Revolution holds a special place in my heart.

Many of my international friends from exciting places such as Austria and Germany asked me about places to visit to better understand US History; and I have a list!

The Boston Tea Party Museum + the Freedom Trail

In the Boston Tea Party Museum each guest gets to "act out" the part of a participent and they get an individual card describing their character) Of course I got to be my g-g-g-g-g grandfather. The Freedom Trial as well brings you to many ironic places including Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, the Boston Massacre sight and many more

Colonial Williamsburg

Ever dream of time travelling? or being a movie star? Here is your chance! Last year I went and enjoyed Charleton's Coffeeshop where they served delicious coffee and melted chocolate and I got to debate the "issues of our day" which was the Stamp Act and later the Partioning of Poland. You get to talk with people portraying characters from a wide variety of life patriots, loyalists and African Americans discussing the realities of the day both the good and the bad.

Great educational experience!

Mount Vernon

A must see to know the life George Washington knew. Again, amazing actors are on spot to give you a portrayal of all walks of life; the wealthy, the poor, patriots, loyalists and those who were enslaved.

A very well rounded and educational experience, as well as great views of the Potomac River.

Lexington Battlefield

Back to Boston! These were the first battles were a disorganized militia faced the strongest army in the world. While I usually go to more buildings, there is something surreal about battlefields and thinking about the history that happened there.

Museum of the American Revolution

I haven't been here yet! Its in Philadelphia and looks super interesting. Museums are great places to see the artifacts up close and gain a sense of wonder.

Do you have anything you would add to this list? Let me know about your travelling adventures!