In case you haven't noticed, the American justice system is a joke. There is absolutely no "justice" about it. You may think it only has to do with murderers going free and innocent people on death row. While that is unexplainably terrible, it can also hit a lot closer to home than you might think.

Personally, I am involved in a civil case.

A woman owes me money via contract, and I am just trying to get what I am owed in the most peaceful way. I filed a court case, and hoped that I could attain my money without any threats from her. Seven months later, I am still trying to get her served because she can run to another place or just not answer the doorbell, and I can't actually do anything to get my money back.

I have the contract. I have all of the information. Yet, since she wants to run across a state border, I am helpless. No one wants to assist me unless I pay them a hefty lawyer's fee. She possessed a stolen item from me as well. When the cops found it, they let her off with a warning and THREW AWAY my possession.

A close person to me recently got assaulted, and I was a witness to the situation. The person who did it lives out of state, so guess what: They can't do anything about it. A person gets away with ATTACKING an innocent person in the street. It is currently getting swept under the rug by the establishment where it occurred, because they are scared of the negative publicity.

If those past two stories don't make you realize how much the justice system absolutely sucks, then I don't know what will.

Those are just stories that I am involved in. What about ones that people around me are involved in that I don't even know about? What about a family member of yours that can't get any justice unless they want to pay their life savings to a lawyer or private detective? America needs a lot of reform, but personally, I am tired of the bad guy always winning.

People keep telling me to just let it go and use it as a life lesson, but if people keep just letting these things go, there will NEVER be a change.

People are getting away with so many crimes because of these invisible things we like to call "borders." Just because one person runs to another state, the justice system just says "Oh well, they're invisible now," and gives up. It gets put on the innocent plaintiff to find them, which can honestly end up really bad. If people are running from the law, do you really think they will handle it well when they find out people are still trying to find them? No.

Let's look at the case of Ezekiel Elliott, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He got accused of sexual assault, and then the NFL suspended him for six games. That is their regulation. Elliott got so many appeals, he actually got to prolong his sentence for MONTHS.

Do you think that the average person could appeal several times on someone else's dime? No. It's laughable to even think that could happen. Elliott is famous and plays a sport, so he is above everyone else? He gets to waste our money so that he can still play his game after getting charged with sexually assaulting more than one woman?

All I am asking is that people start reflecting what is really going on out there. Start realizing that the courts don't do the justice they are designed to do. Stop letting crimes go under the radar, such as the one with my close friend, simply because a place doesn't want to "look bad."

Do something about it. Go to your representatives. Help people out when they say they are trying to serve papers to the defendant peacefully. Do what you can to help provide justice, since our courts clearly can't do it.