American Is Waging A War On Women's Reproductive Care And It Needs To Stop

I am pro-choice. I don't think the words should ever be confused when I say this. People who are pro-choice are exactly what they declare to be. We are pro-decision. We think that the choices a woman makes with her body are to be supported and praised for the bravery that they are. Pro-choice and pro-decision. We trust women to make the decisions to birth or to not, to take contraceptives or to not. And up until recently, I really believed that the government was behind such decisions. Banning abortion is unconstitutional and banned under federal law, however, states have been finding loopholes for decades now and in these times we are facing some of the worst attacks on reproductive care and hoop jumping that we have ever faced as a country.

Iowa just recently passed a law practically banning abortion.

This has been marketed and advertised on social media in a way that I am sure the governor deems as cute and the wordplay surrounding this oppressive bill is one that has been exceedingly strategically chosen. The bill has been called the "Heartbeat Bill" and many people across the country are deeming this a "success for pro-lifers" government-funded organizations such as Planned Parenthood have already called this bill out for being exactly what it is, which is unconstitutional. If America refuses to take away the right to bear arms, it should in no way take away a women's right to choose as both are protected the under the constitution.

In the Heartbeat Bill, Iowa has made the decision to ban any abortion after six weeks. In this amount of time, many women are not even aware that they are pregnant. This legislature is one of the most massive jump backs in time we have witnessed as American citizens in an incredibly long time. This bill is a spit in the face to our government and federal law, it has proved that even when women have slaved away for their rights, they can still be snatched away by a tyrant in power. It has proved no matter how much social progress we work on making as a unit, massive step backs in time are always possible and often occur at the greedy hands of just one person.

Banning abortion is illegal but, somehow, Iowa has managed to do. There is an exceedingly slim chance you will even be aware you are pregnant in the first six weeks of pregnancy and now Iowa state law will force you to bear that child against your will. We are living in an era that deeply desires to jump back in time, to take steps backward instead of progressing forward. It is terrifying and I know that now more than ever is the time to come forward and to speak up.

The governor has made statements saying that she realizes this is unconstitutional, but it is something that she is passionate about. She is not really pro-life as she has made statements being against gun control as well as desiring to kick immigrants desiring a better life out of this country.

In reality, the term "pro-life" is not really about being pro-life at all, but rather anti-choice.

Pro-life to the little cell inside a woman, but not to the Syrian immigrants or teenagers being gunned down at school. Pro-birth, but perfectly fine with the infant being put into the bitter corruption of the neglected foster care system where drugs and molestation are at an all-time high, finally being exposed in the Me Too era.

I am what I say I am and what most decent Americans define as pro-choice. We do not use the term pro-abortion because we are for the choice, the choice for a woman to choose what is best for her and for her life. Pro-life is a gimmicky agenda that right uses to funnel in votes. She stood at the bill with babies, behind her, all an electorate ploy to tug at heartstrings and a rapid attempt to silence her tens of thousands of protesters. I see right through the tricks and gimmicks, Kim Reynolds, and we are about to give you one hell of a fight.

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