Meghan Markle is the new royal in town these days. She recently got married to Prince Harry, and she's living the life that most of us have dreamt of. To say I'm jealous of her is an understatement because I want to be like Meghan Markle.

I want to be like Meghan Markle as do most women and people. She is an American actress turned Duchess and all because of love. Most of us dream of becoming royals someday, in fact, I'm still trying to figure out how to contact some royals that are within my age range, and Meghan Markle became a royal.

Before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became engaged, I kind of didn't care about the British Monarchy. They really don't hold any political power in Britain, and I never could relate to them. They were so out of my realm and I never understood why people were obsessed with them in the first place.

However, after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, I became obsessed with them. Not only them as a couple or as people, but the whole British monarchy. A rush of questions rushed to my mind, and I began spending hours googling things during my winter break.

Something in me clicked, and I needed to know more about them as a couple. Also, there was something in them that showed me that true love exists. I wasn't going through the happiest time of my life at that point, and in a way, they gave me hope.

I had watched Meghan Markle on Suits before, and she was always my favorite character. I loved her acting and I love what she stood for outside of the show. She was my celebrity role model in many ways.

Meghan Markle is elegant, classy, intelligent, compassionate, brave, independent, beautiful, and the list goes on of all these amazing traits. I've observed this by watching her on tv, and I observed her in my critical developmental years as a person. When I first began watching Meghan Markle, I was either a tween or a really young teen (11-14), I don't quite remember, but I remember her being this amazing influence on my life.

Then when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement there was finally a reason for me to care about the royal monarchy. I cared and I followed them religiously. I tried pulling an all-nighter to watch their royal wedding, and I ended up sleeping through the entire thing.

When Meghan Markle officially became a Duchess, I officially became a fan of the royal monarchy. Before I started work, I would spend hours and hours watching all of the interviews related to either of them or the royal monarchy. Why?

Simply because I relate to Meghan Markle and I relate to her on so many levels. She is someone who represents a lot of the things that I stand for as a person.

Think about it, she is a mixed race AMERICAN DIVORCEE in the British Monarchy. That's never happened before, and just that is "breaking the status quo". She's also changing the appearance of the monarchy making it feel more relatable to the rest of the world, but Meghan is so classy while doing it.

She's herself too, and she shows that through the subtle things. Meghan is genuinely an amazing woman, and you could tell how much she and Prince Harry are in love. So much so, that it makes believe that I am not forever alone! (Joking...partially)

I am myself and I try to break the status quo whenever I can like Meghan is doing. That's why I relate to her so much. She's the hardworking, compassionate, and independent woman who found her Prince. I hope someday that I can find mine.