I have been thinking about this topic for a while but I'm afraid that it might be controversial. But boom! It looks like someone is picking the wrong fight. And I don't care about the whole different cultures or lifestyles anymore. All I know right now is: What's the borderline between personal freedom and selfishness?

Let's start with my own story. So I'm living in a 4 bedroom apartment, 2 boys and 2 girls. I always think that one of my roommates is selfish, but it's maybe because of her stressful schedule. I mean I'm nice and patient enough to understand that. Well, sometimes other people told me that I'm being too nice. And I don't recognize it until the other girl in my apartment started to take advantage of me. She's not my friend now, we're roommates.

Last night, it was 26 Fahrenheit degrees and I was so tired that I went to bed at 10 pm. Suddenly, our group message woke me up. One guy in my apartment asked us why was it so cold in our house, and you know what did the girl answer? "Turned off the heat to save money". For real?! And then the whole conversation kept going on. I tried to tell her that I already used 2 blankets and was wearing 2 layers, so at least, set the heater around 74. However, what she did was just cursing and blaming. She said she had some heart problems, and I already told her about my asthma, so wasn't that the best thing to leave the heater at 74? To my surprise, she asked: "How asthma relates to heat?". Of course, it's cold and I hardly can breathe! Well, what was more, she replied: "That's why you have the inhaler"

Did your parents teach you anything about basic manners? I know you told me that you were bitchy back then in high school, but I didn't expect you to be not only bitchy but also very rude. So, I know that there's the whole stuff with freedom of speech in America, but do you guys know when to stop? There's a big difference between freedom of speech and selfish. If you can't be nice, please stay silent. Remember that we're sharing an apartment, you're not the owner, and that to some points, you need to respect other people as well.

"Selfish" became a bad word in my dictionary quite early in life. I never wanted to say "no" to people when they asked me for a favor. I didn't want to disregard the advice and warnings from elders, even when my gut feelings disagreed. I didn't want to prioritize my wishes over other people's wishes.

But I guess I shouldn't be nice anymore.