I'm willing to bet that you clicked on this article for one of two reasons:

1. Jonah is supporting Donald Trump????

or (my personal favorite)


It seems crazy, right?

That's because it is.

Contrary to the nature of this article, I am NOT voting for Donald Trump, nor do I support him and his ideas by any means.


I do sincerely believe that he is keeping to his word on "Making America Great Again."

... Except he really isn't doing it intentionally or in the way he was expecting.

You see, though this election may seem like something out of a subpar comedy movie, it really is remarkable in its own strange and depressing way.

And a lot of that is thanks to Donald Trump himself. Whether or not you like him or plan to vote for him in the coming month, you have to admit that he is actually doing some good for our country.

Every day when I go on Facebook, I constantly see posts about how Trump is wrong and hateful and idiotic... I'm sure you get the picture. Yet, people are not just insulting him - they're fact checking him all the more. With each one of Trump's political stunts (especially his final statement during the last debate), the more articles and posts you see correcting him and his arguments.

This is where Donald Trump is making America great again.

About a year ago, a study was done that concluded that Millennials were the least politically aware and interested compared to that of older generations. Yet, if you were to check out #DonaldTrump on Twitter or Facebook, you'd find a lot of evidence contrary to this. As it seems, Millennials appear to be very interested and are very much aware of the 2016 Election. They not only have a voice concerning it, but they are demanding to be heard.

Thanks to Trump, not only is this election a lot more frustrating to watch (much like a very annoying reality show), but I believe that he has also pushed us to become more involved and aware in the world of politics, though I'm quite positive that was far from his actual intentions. He is making America great again, by keeping us involved and following this election carefully, making sure that the truth prevails in both him and Clinton's campaigns - as we well should be.

Love him or hate him, Donald has played a massive role in the shaping of how Americans view the election process and their personal political preferences. The American people know what they want in a President - especially young teenagers. If you stop and ask them why they don't like Trump, they will be more than willing to tell you. Whether it be his "locker room talk" or his policy regarding immigration or his supposed tax evasion, these people are very much aware.

Though I can't claim that this is an entirely new change among the younger generations, I can speak (honestly) from personal experience. Before this election, I really did not have all that big of an understanding regarding politics. To me, it just seemed something that only "adults" were meant to participate in. Yet, ever since Trump first made his remarks regarding Mexicans in the United States, I have been following both him and Hillary carefully. I became more involved in their campaigns and plans for change in America. Had it not been for him, I doubt I would have as much of an involvement as I do now.

Donald Trump, whether he wins or loses this November, will certainly go down in history as being one of the most interesting and outrageous candidates this country has ever seen before. But more than that, he will also be unintentionally known as the candidate that was so controversial and contentious that he pushed more and more people to educate themselves to become more politically aware.

And THAT is making America great again.