America Chavez: The Marvel Movie We Deserve

It seems as though everyones favorite superhero is being adapted on the big screen, Marvel is certainly expanding their cinematic universe having debuted upcoming films within the next few years. They're introducing (and resurrecting) plenty of their dearest characters, except one: Miss America Chavez.

For those unfamiliar, Chavez was introduced in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta. She's a Latino LGBT teenager raised by her two mothers within the Utopian Parallel, both of whom contain abilities and look pretty damn extraordinary in the image below. Around the age of 6, the Utopian Parallel was in danger, leaving her mothers to sacrifice themselves to close the blackholes threatening their universe. The loss of her heroic mothers left Chavez to run away from home and travel through different dimensions, eventually leading her to take on the responsibilities of being a hero and ultimately becoming Miss America Chavez.

Chavez's background is still somewhat of a mystery, thanks to her creators, they intend to keep it that way. Her personality can be described as secretive, independent, and fierce. A quote from Kieron Gillen explaining the clashes between Chavez and her fellow heroes, Wiccan and Hulkling, "They're very nice and she's not." A Latino super-heroine that has zero tolerance for games and a bit of an attitude? Give us more!

As for her powers and abilities, Chavez is not someone you would want to cross. With bullet proof skin, the ability to teleport and fly, super strength, and can move almost as fast as the speed of light, she's tougher than most. Did we mention her strength might just be enough to kick a person off a planet and her stomp on the ground can cause mini-earthquakes? This can't possibly get any better, but it does. It has been revealed that Chavez has more powers than mentioned above and will probably unveil through comic books in the future.

Chavez is known for being alliances with the Young Avengers, Teen Brigade, A-Force, and the Ultimates. While recently joining the Ultimates, she then teams up with Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Blue Marvel. It appears that Chavez is starting to become a major key character, so it's only fair to bring her from the pages to the screen.

America Chavez has plenty of beloved fans across the world, if bringing her to life was done correctly, Marvel could get major brownie points. Most importantly, they would finally be able to connect with the Latinx community through their very own cinematic universe, something we rarely ever get to feel. Imagine seeing the first Marvel Latino superhero movie and how much of an impact that would make on thousands of Latinx comic book fans. Even ones who aren't fans of comic books might become one after learning about Miss America Chavez. Little brown girls will finally be able to look at the representation before their eyes and say, "That's me!"

Netflix is now bringing more Marvel characters through television, creating some of the most popular series such as: "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist." Adding Chavez to that growing list of series is also an option we'd love to see. We're begging you, Marvel. We've got enough billion dollar white male superhero movies in the works, make room for Miss America Chavez.

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