03 January 2018 // At Bowling Green State University

5 Amazing TED Talks By 5 Amazing Female Authors

Take care of your creativity. Take a break and listen.

Haley Holden

TED talks are amazing. If you've ever listened to them you probably have a favorite, and your favorite probably lines up with your interests. If your work revolves around biology you've probably listened to 20 TED talks on the newest stretches in the field, because there are amazing things happening every day. This article is for the writers looking for TED talks, because they aren't always the easiest to find. Here are five of the best from amazing women and writers.

1. Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

This 19-minute speech touches on living after success, but more interestingly it tackles the "inherent emotional risks" of creativity and how other societies have dealt with it better than we are.

2. Amy Tan: Where Does Creativity Hide

Tan begins the talk with the title of an essay she wrote when she was eleven years old, "The value of nothing? Out of nothing comes something." And the talk only gets better from there.

3. Elif Shafak: The Politics Of Fiction

Elif begins the talk by speaking about the two women who raised her, both her mother and her grandmother, and the educational and personal differences the two women had. Despite these differences, she goes on to draw knowledge from both of these sources to draw together her powerful talk.

4. Isabel Allende: Tales of Passion

Isabel gives an inspiring speech peppered with humor and deep passion. "Nice people with common sense do not make good characters, they only make good former spouses."

5. Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

It's no mistake that Elizabeth Gilbert made this list twice. It's a little bit because of my bias because I love her talks, but mostly because she's a phenomenal speaker. In this talk, she speaks about finding your "home" when you are catapulted as far from the familiar as you can imagine.