I am a proud American. We have a strong history. Even if our history is only 300 years old, we have a powerful, world-changing history. We started off as a bunch of people who just wanted freedom. The ultimate human dream -- freedom. We rallied together, fought, won, and became free. We obtained what all of humanity ultimately wants -- to be free. We embraced the idea that anyone can become what they want.

For so many centuries, in so many different civilizations in the past, that’s all people wanted. Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, China, etc. -- in all these civilizations there was no equality between sexes, races, and classes of people. Money, religion, education level, family name, and gender all separated people. Then, for the first time in history, anyone can be anything. Someone can start from the bottom and make it to the top. The only thing standing in someone’s way in America is their own mind and work ethic. The kid growing up on the streets, he can be a doctor. A little girl has more in her future than just being a homemaker. She can go to school, get a degree -- a degree that is recognized the same as a man’s degree. A black man can be the head of a company, the boss of a white man. A black woman can be the boss of a white man. If that isn’t accomplishment, mind-blowing even, I do not know what is.

America. Just the word offered so much hope to people in other countries who were oppressed by the made-up barriers of mankind. America offered hope for a future, a job, and a home. During war times, other countries called on America for help. Why? Because America gets stuff done. No one fights for freedom more than the people who know what all freedom can mean.

A melting pot of cultures, living together in peace. Appreciating the differences and living in harmony. Sure, we have had our rough patches in the past over racial and cultural differences. We have had big issues over the years of cruelty between people. But, seriously, look at how far we have come. The fact that when something big happens, such as a racially motivated shooting or a discrimination that gets publicized, people actually fight back. People stand up and openly criticize the wrong that has happened, saying that it should stop. Then millions of Americans rally behind to say what has gone wrong, to fight the injustice.

Do you realize how far that is from where humans used to be? Do you realize that the “wrongs” we are fast to put an end to used to not even get second thought? A black man being treated differently because of his color. In past history no one would care; today in America, it is a crime, with consequences. A woman not getting the same pay as a man. In past history she wouldn't even have the same job as a man, if she had a job at all; today in America, it’s one of the largest debated topics improving every day.

So now to all the politicians today, why are you destroying everything we have, what our ancestors literally fought and died for? They made this nation great and respected. You are making us a joke to other countries. The great nation that broke boundaries, tore down walls, and built a new form of life from scratch. Why are you trying to break us back down? Why are you taking away our pride? Stop promoting yourselves with loud voices and empty words. Stop hurling insults at other. Stop lying, hiding, and representing Americans as such. We Americans have an abundance to be proud of -- and you are not one of them.