F*ckboys, I Am Over You

Douchebags are just like mosquitoes, you swat them away time and time again, but they always come back to buzz annoyingly in your ear. My experience with this kind of males has shifted from annoying and inconvenient to sad and sometimes even scary.

Although I want to have a lighthearted and funny conversation about douches and how they really are a parody of themselves at times, the characters that you so often see comically portrayed in TV shows, YouTube skits, films, or SNL sketches, the reality of who they are in their essence is a lot sadder.

I used to just block them off my social media.

The thing about them is I do truly believe they are getting sneakier, as if they are aware of the annoying rodents that everyone finds them to be. However, in the Me Too Era especially I think that this is a rather important topic of conversation. I think often times we as women simply go for the guy that's sweet and doesn't want to get into our pants on the first date as if our body is somehow worth the price of the two slices of pizza he bought us on our date. The erotic and annoying messages that have been sent to me have been responded to, often times with a lecture on how he is systematically fueling the patriarchy by treating women as though they are property to be owned, but on other days a quick insult and screw you is perfectly fine.

The thing about this entire era of the douche bags and the fuckboys is that I have found myself growing to be a little frightened of men. I myself am a bisexual woman so when the boys scare me I can just tip my hat and say "Hello, ladies," however, not everyone has that luxury and in reality, I shouldn't have to be scared of men like I am. Whenever going out, I am always wondering what the intent of the men near me is. Are we really actually going out to eat at a Chick-fil-A or is that some sort of sex bro code that was conducted without my knowing?

The thing about men, in general, I've found is that by saying women are confusing and crazy there seems to be an undergoing ploy to distract from their own. I never know what an intent truly is and if I ask, I am likely to receive an entirely made up answer.

I am done with it

Fuckboys are trying to be quiet about the fact that they are now douches due to the reputation that they have garnered. I hate it and I hate them, but part of me wishes they would be honest about what and who they are instead of trying to mash what true intentions are. It seems that at this age sex and hookup culture is king. Perhaps it will be another 10 years until commitment is something that guys (and girls) will be interested in.

Either way, fuckboys I am over you. Goodbye.

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