I know way too many college students stress out over the pile of homework that is sitting on their desk but in reality why stress out about it? I do not stress out nor do I over think about my work. Yes, I am a full time college student and I do everything I can not to stress out about school work and here is how I do so.

Make to do lists

Usually my to do lists for the week do not consist of more than 6 items and that is just for the week. These items slowly but surly get marked off throughout the week, wether I decide to do one item a day or a couple or none at all. Here is the thing, I do not stress over this list because I know I will get it done.

There is enough time in the day to complete this work and if there isn't then I just do not work on any of it that day. The to do list isn't sitting out to taunt me either, it is on my computer and I only see it when I open my computer.

Working a head

Yes, shocking right... you do not hear many college students say they work a head. I do not procrastinate on papers or large assignments. I normally have my papers or assignments turned in a couple days a head of the deadlines and some times even a week before.

So, with thing being said some of the items on my to do list are items that really do not need to be done. But I will do them anyways for the sake of not stressing out.

I take days off

There are days when I do no homework and nothing on my to do list is crossed off for the day. I remember one Monday I felt like doing nothing but laying in bed watching Netflix so that is what I did. Life is too short to limit yourself to only doing homework and other things you might consider extremely important.

I am also an avid binge watching and I can finish 8 seasons in 3 weeks and still be on top of all my school work. Honestly, do not ask me how I do that part because its unexplainable.

Taking days off is extremely important because if you limit yourself to sitting at your desk all day for the whole week you WILL get stressed out and crabby.

Have my homework done by Thursday

I go home for the weekend and I feel like the weekend should be mine and not homework time. So I make sure my to do list is completed by Thursday because I know I will not get any of it done over the weekend.

Once in a while I will make an exception to doing an assignment over the weekend but it is not likely, it all depends on the week and how my week was.

I do everything possible not to stress out and as weird as it is I do not even have a planner. I always get asked why and how do I keep track of what is due. But the catch is, is I am a very organized person. For me it is not hard to remember what is due and needs to be accomplished.

Now, I am not saying these reasons will help you not stress out in college because everyone is different. Some can not watch excessive amounts of Netflix and still be able to do their homework. Some people have large assignments and papers so they procrastinate till the last minute. It all depends on the person.

But, for me I will continue to live a stress free life style while in college.