Always Friend Zoned By The Ones You Actually Like

The dating world today is the biggest mind f*ck today but trying to figure out someone's feelings for you is also one of the biggest mind f*cks and it's frustrating and annoying. Being friend zoned by someone you actually like is probably one of the worst feelings ever because there are only so few people you would actually consider dating.

I think it is safe to say or assume that everyone has at least been friend zoned once and if you have not than congrats. Friend zoning sucks; it's when you like someone but they literally only see you as a friend and nothing more, hence the friend zone. What's worse than the friend zone is expressing feelings for said friend than they ghost you (basically cut ties with you and ignore you) like nothing happened and you don't exist; that is one of the worst feelings ever too; it sucks.

Dating is hard personally I think because not only do we hide through social media and our phones but we use them as ways to communicate or not communicate in a sense that messes up our ways of thinking and then we assume things. But being friend zoned is pretty bluntly obvious whether the person expresses interest or not. Whether they flirt back or answer back or show no sign of romantic chemistry with you is a clear sign that they have no motivation to date you. Sometimes friends don't know that you like them and are not mind readers so you just gotta put yourself out there. Or sometimes friends are too shy to express how they feel. But the times when it's obvious you are in the friend zone sucks, especially if it is someone you really like, it stings.

I have no idea how to get out of the friend zone to be honest. And I do not want to lose said person as a friend. So you suck it up and go on as normal and hope they will like you back in time. When that does not happen and things get awkward or you get cut off, that's even just as hurtful as being friend zoned. I am currently going through this experience right now and it stings.

I managed to stay productive and just focus on others things like hobbies and homework, but my mind will go back to the friend that friend zoned me. It does not mean they are horrible people for friend zoning you at all it just sucks that you put yourself out there and now have to feel uncomfortable. So you ask yourself is it worth the risk? Well you got to determine that yourself.

Being friend zoned has happened to many people so you are not alone. Just remember there are plenty of fish in the sea so hopefully all the time the friend zoning will sting a little less over time and you find your true love in no time.

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