Dear Dad,

Seems just like yesterday I was pondering the terrible thought of never being able to put my hair in a perfectly slicked ponytail, due to you always being the one to do it. When did the spider hiding in the corner suddenly become less terrifying without you being the one to save the day, smashing it with your shoe? I always wondered when I grew up if life would make more sense. Honestly, it just gets more confusing as the years continue. Although the one thing that never changes is you, my rock.

You’ve taught me that discipline, hard work, and “rubbing some dirt in it” when times get rough are how to make it out of this crazy world still standing. But you have also taught me that eating that extra spoonful of ice cream, leaning on a shoulder when life knocks you down, and taking a day just for yourself is essential for your sanity.

Whenever there is heartbreak with that boy who seemed so different, but essentially turned out to be just like the rest, you always make everything seem okay, even if it’s just for a moment. Simply intimidating the boy who walks through your front door so he truly knows who he has to deal with if he even thinks about breaking my fragile heart. Sometimes it seems as though love will be impossible to find due to the fact no man compares to your self worth. But when this love is found someday, you will be right there by my side to walk me down the aisle. I know you never have enjoyed dancing in public (or in general), but you bet we will be dancing to our favorite Heartland song, "I Loved Her First."

I will always be your number one fan. You’re my biggest supporter who never seems to get the credit you truly deserve. I know I haven’t been the perfect daughter at times, and have probably said some things that I don’t mean during an argument… I guess my short temper is something I get from my old man.

The point is that no matter how much older I get, or how many miles separate us, someday, when I have a grown-up job, nothing will replace our relationship. You were the most important man in my life the day I was born, and will be the most important until the day I die. I hope you never forget that.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your forevermore little girl.