Why You Should Join Alpha Phi Omega
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Why You Should Join Alpha Phi Omega

The best fraternity to join while in college or university.

Why You Should Join Alpha Phi Omega
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In my second semester at Rowan University, Fall 2016, I decided to pledge to be in the only co-ed fraternity option for me on my campus - Alpha Phi Omega. During the pledging process I learned about Alpha Phi Omega's history with Frank Reed Horton, the greek letters in the alphabet, and some of the fun aspects like why Alpha Phi Omega is based around service and providing leadership on a university campus.

The reason I decided to join this fraternity is simple; my friends were in it and they told me it was fun. And right they were. As soon as I joined I found that I was no longer bored at home with nothing to do or left without someone to hangout with or talk to because I made a variety of friends within the Rowan University Alpha Phi Omega Nu Theta chapter whom of which I plan to keep in contact with even after graduating and having to leave the fraternity.

I am now a full-time member of Alpha Phi Omega, which means that I am an official member who completes 25 hours of service each semester whether the service is within my community, on the campus, or something like a bake sale or clothing and food drive. Having been given the experience to be in so many service events I have learned how hard it can be to keep up with service and your school work, but found ways to succeed nonetheless.

In my first semester as a fully active member of Alpha Phi Omega I was elected as the fraternity's Vice President of Fellowship for the spring 2017 semester. This role as one of the main leaders in the fraternity meant that I would schedule, plan, and organize fun events for all of the members in my chapter (Nu Theta) to take part in. The activities can range from having a simple movie night to getting everyone together to go to an amusement park. The fellowships I created were meant to give the brothers some time to have fun and socialize with the fraternity as a group without having to worry about our service requirements or school work as it is important for Alpha Phi Omega that each member not only learns and provides service, but also has fun around it.

I plan to be a full-time, dedicated member of Alpha Phi Omega throughout my time at Rowan University and I will be a dedicated alumni afterwards as well. This co-ed service fraternity has brought me into true campus life and service as well as bringing me new friends to spend my time with. I am quite grateful I have been given the opportunity to be a part of this fraternity and attend the sectionals that bring us and other schools together in Alpha Phi Omega harmony.

If you ever get the chance to join Alpha Phi Omega's Nu Theta chapter on the campus of Rowan University I strongly suggest doing so as you will find that you'll feel so wonderful doing so much service for others as well as becoming a pivotal member of Rowan University's fraternity campus. Whether a male or a female, you will be accepted and united with Alpha Phi Omega and given the chance to provide leadership, friendship, and service to all.



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