I've come to the realization that time is moving fast and furious and I'm almost 20.

I am honestly so ready to be 20, even though it still won't change people's view of me. In all adults' eyes, I am still a kid, and I am sick of hearing that. I wish I could skip 20 and go straight to adding the one, but I can't.

Unfortunately 21 is the last age that really matters, all the years after are probably going to be blurry and not matter at all. But, as I'm patiently waiting to become 20, I wonder how I should start acting towards others who treat me like I'm still 10. I already consider myself an adult while others don't, even though I'm more of an adult than some people in their 40s. I have a part-time job which feels like a full-time one most the time. I am in my second year of college and i'm almost done. I will probably continue onto a four year school. I have my own car payment, it's a little turd but it works and it's nice, I obviously have goals to get a better one. Possibly a nice new and big dually truck - I have big dreams in case you haven't noticed.

I'm hoping my mom will give me some more rope on the leash she seems to have on me. I know parenting is not easy, and I'm sure I'm not an easy one 24/7 to parent. I love my mom very much - even when I try to hate her, I can't. I would never want to, either. I appreciate her very much and I appreciate everything she does for me. If she doesn't know that by now, even though I give her a hard time, she will probably read this because she reads all my articles and likes them! She supports my writing, and most of what I do in my life.

I know she has just as many goals for me as I have for myself. I know I still live at home and I don't have to travel far for school, but if I ever do, I think she will have a lot of trouble letting go. I need her to understand that she has to. I need to not have to ask permission for everything I do and I need to be able to depend on her if I am ever in trouble and I can tell her something without her getting mad. I will tell you that I am always afraid she will be upset with me half the time, I trust that she would help me with anything.

Everyone needs to understand that I am an adult. Yes, I may not act like one 24/7 but does anyone? I'm super excited to continue my life and possibly figure out what I want to do with it. I would like to continue working hard in school because I have plans of making something of myself. I'm not sure what, but I believe I can be capable of some amazing things someday.

I'm planning on worrying about myself a little more, such as my health by eating healthier and exercising more; spending as much time with my horse as I can, along with riding and roping more. I possibly want to take some road trips... No idea to where, but somewhere. That is the best thing and always will be, just hopping in the car and going for a drive, blaring the music while I scare everyone with my terrible singing voice. Let's just hope 20 is going to treat me good, I look forward to it coming soon. But, then again, I suppose it's just another number and another year, but another one I have made!