I Was Not Made For This "Almost" Generation

I was not made for this “almost” generation, this generation that gives just enough to keep you there but not enough to ensure you stay. This generation where playing it safe is the only way to survive, because God forbid you ever see how things play out. That's how failure happens. This generation where failure is demonized and lessons cannot even be learned anymore because our comfort zone is stretched so far and wide that risks are just things we hear about in uncharted territory.

The older I get the more I realize, I was simply not made for this generation. Perhaps I am an outcast or too outspoken of a woman for my own good, but I will not tolerate mediocrity. I am so tired of meeting people with the same stories of “we almost dated” and “I almost became a doctor.” Why did you just not do it? You have all the power and all the tools to complete every task. What was not receptive in our minds growing up was that “won’t quit until the job is done” mentality. It just did not stick with us. I firmly believe that everyone is allowed to change their minds, but too many times I myself have been in the scenario where things seem so great with someone but then goes no where because commitment is now something unheard of and tabooed.

I am so tired of this "almost" generation. I am not the type to do things half-assed even when it comes to things such as relationships. If you commit to someone then commit to them. See it through. If not, just simply say you don’t want it and end it. Don’t ghost out as if nothing ever took place. I was made to love and be loved, to fearlessly dive in and learn from standing back up because I was a fool to fall. I was made to give my all to someone who deserves it and trust I’d receive it all back. I was not made for “almost"--for flings and meaningless nights.

I was not made for this “almost” generation, this generation where we let statistics and numbers scare us from pursuing dreams we once believed was possible before this world made us hard. I was made to chase every goal and desire that came into mind because life is so boring playing it safe. I was not made to base my future career off of numbers and assumptions. I’ll base my future off of my heart and its callings.

I was not made for this “almost” generation. I was made to love fully and fearlessly, to see things through and commit, to chase every dream and love every second. If falling in love and chasing wild dreams is characterized as a “fool", then I am more sorry for those who believe playing it safe means playing the field. “Almost” will never be enough for me.

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