The Alliance Theatre has sent several musicals to Broadway, including "Bring It On: The Musical" and "Tuck Everlasting." So, it would be no surprise to me that their latest world premiere, "The Prom," would be transferred immediately after this run. Plus, Kristin Chenoweth tweeted that it should go to Broadway, so, there's that.

The only thing I knew about the show beforehand was something about a lesbian couple wanting to go to the prom together. However, it was nothing like I thought it would be, and it is not just about a silly school dance. It was about people coming together to create a positive impact on a stranger's life. It was about making an impact on the people we care about. It was about accepting those in our lives so we have no regrets later on. It challenges the status quo and attempts to change a conditioned way of thinking.

It is a bit of an obvious move that no one has been brave enough to take, yet. And for that, we thank the creative team. Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin, thank you for both writing a phenomenal script that is clever and relatable. You both are clearly funny people, and I would have a cocktail with you guys any day. Matthew Sklar, thank you for creating engaging music. Every song was unique, putting me at the edge of my seat the entire show. Jack Viertel, thank you for this idea. It will truly change minds, and we thank you for that. (No shout out to Casey Nicholaw because everything he touches turns to gold, and that's just unfair. Seriously, that choreography #slayed.)

Beguelin also wrote the lyrics, which were hands down the best part of the show. In fact, I liked it so much that I just want to download the freaking soundtrack. There are several megamix style songs that I just want to jam out to on Snapchat.

Why wouldn't I want to do that, though? I just saw an entire show that is completely an Actors' Equity production. In Atlanta? That is unheard of. Speaking of the cast, Caitlin Kinnunen, playing the leading role, dug into a stereotype and completely made it her own. Beth Leavel and Brooks Ashmanskas are the perfect duo, creating a perfect theatrical relationship and giving us a true show in the process.

Christopher Sieber lives up to his reputation in the show, delivering a stellar performance. Seriously, look at this guy's credentials - killing the game. Lastly, Angie Schworer was a personal favorite. She exuded an energy that you just cannot teach, and that is a true asset in theatre.

If you have not gotten the point of this article, let me make it very clear. Buy tickets to this show. The link is right here, and you only have so many performances before it closes. Besides, when it transfers to the theatre district, think of how much you will have saved buying a ticket to the Alliance versus a ticket on Broadway. Not to mention plane tickets and hotel rates! I will just end with, you're welcome.