When I was little, I considered myself conservative in thought. I didn't want to smoke, drink, do drugs, get tattoos, or piercings. I didn't want to have sex before marriage. I didn't want to curse when I casually spoke.

I think it is safe to say now "little me" would be shook if she saw what I do now.

While some of the above might be considered wrong, I don't think that tattoos are one of them.

Throughout life, we go through times that leave a mark on us and I don't see any reason that we shouldn't visually and artistically show that mark as a reminder of what has been important to us, and what will always be important to us.

I even think that a funny tattoo that might be strange is important because if it makes us laugh or feel youthful and happy - why not carry it with us forever. We might think we will hate it when we are older but in a way, it is a younger piece of us that still shows.

I've given all the tattoos that I want in life some thought. There are a total of four.

The first is a set of trees, three to be exact. I want it located on my left ankle with the trunk of the trees reaching down into my heel. It will be very simple, a line for a trunk and then small branches extending out to the sides. This reminds me to stay grounded. I have the tendency to get lost in thought and daydream frequently. It can be very troublesome when I'm trying to do work but overall I'm glad I have the ability to have a creative mind. The trees also remind me of the ground we walk on - for it is not ours, it belongs to the earth and the wildlife that began it.

The second is a lightning bolt located on my back left shoulder. A very simple small design of the bolt would be drawn. It resembles when I thought I was going to die during a sailing storm that changed my perspective on how quickly things can change. The left shoulder was the one I looked back over when I saw the storm approaching. It reminds me how even when you're prepared, life can change and you must never take it for granted.

The third is a crescent moon located on the side of my right wrist: small and simple. This crescent moon is a symbol of the relationship I have with a very close friend of mine. She was born the day before me and we share the same phase of the moon in astrological terms. We both have a moon in Cancer that reminds us that we can be dramatic and emotional sometimes and it is okay to feel anxious and depressed.

The fourth is the Aquarius double wave symbol located on my left wrist. Small and simple. My sign is Aquarius which contradicts the emotional cancer moon I have. Aquarius wants to cover up emotions which makes it difficult for me to say what I need to say sometimes. Overall though I love the sign I belong to. I see myself in it and astrology is something I really enjoy learning about.

I've given these tattoos a lot of thought. I highly recommend considered carrying what you believe you hold dearest and holding onto it for the rest of your life.