"Happy Valentine's Day, Bae!!"

"365 days with my main man!!"

"I think I kinda like him... ;)"

Is anyone else tired of seeing these captions on Instagram while you're sitting on your couch with a box of Cheez-Its watching "Gossip Girl?" Because I am.

Well, I was.

Being single kinda sucks sometimes. You don't have a cute boy to give you a hug on your worst day, vent to when your best friend is driving you crazy, congratulate you when you make an A on the test you were freaking about, or buy you dinner on Friday nights (DISCLAIMER: I do not pursue relationships strictly for the free food... but it definitely is a pro of dating someone). But I digress...

Not being in a relationship is lonely and discouraging. You start to think that maybe you're not pretty enough, smart enough, cool enough, or just good enough in general. You see all the girls in happy relationships and you think, "What makes them better than me?"

It's a trap. It keeps you in constant loneliness and frustration. It makes you question what exactly is wrong with you. I know, because this is something I've been struggling with this year. This is the longest I've been single since my freshman year of high school, and trust me, it's tough. However, after a lot of prayer and girl time, I've come to realize something:

A boyfriend isn't the only source of encouragement and support. A boyfriend isn't the only outlet for your frustration and disappointment. A boyfriend isn't the only place for you to find pure, strong love.

I've found a source of all of these things in the two G's: Girlfriends and God.

Girlfriends rock. They hug you, cry with you, encourage you, laugh with you, and tell you when you're being ridiculous. Yeah, sometimes a hug from a boy is a bit more enjoyable. But your girlfriends are there for you no matter what. Single or taken, your girlfriends will never leave. I've come to learn that no matter what boy I'm dating (or wish to be dating), my girlfriends are full of real, encouraging love and support, and that's something that can't be ignored. So in the midst of my loneliness, they're who I should be turning to. They're who will lift me up and encourage me on my worst days. No, they probably won't buy me dinner. But getting to do life with them is much more fulfilling than a free meal (unless it's at Moe's... in which case, it's debatable).

The other "G" provides about 28049832 times more love, support, mercy, grace, and encouragement than any earthly being can provide you. God is incredible. He has a plan for us, He created us, and He has a reason for us to be single. And while it's hard to come to terms with it and to trust Him, I have to constantly remind myself that He knows who I'll be with. My "singleness" is temporary, and His plan for me and my future is far greater than anything I could plan myself. I'll admit, it's tough to trust an invisible "being" with my future when my life seems to be in shambles and my singleness seems to be overwhelming. Matthew 11:28 says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." It's tough to rely on Him and His love when I really just want a hug from a boy. However, He is the source of peace, rest, and love.

So, moral of the story: being lonely sucks, but you can make it not suck as much. You have an abundance of love from your girls and your Savior, and that's something that shouldn't be ignored. The next time you feel unwanted, unloved, or unsure of yourself and your worth, turn to them. And although they may not buy you queso on a Friday night, they'll remind you of how loved you really are.