It can be really tough not to get fixated on the idea of finding love in terms of a significant other, or even just someone to give you enough attention to satisfy the romance expectations that you have for your self. When all of your friends have summer flings, whether they're a mess or not, sometimes it seems way better than being "alone" and having zero love interests. The first question my friends ask me when catching up, goes along the lines of "so are there any boys in your life?". Cue me, internally screaming with annoyance. So I just tell them the truth, "nope", now they can proceed to tell me all their love life endeavors. It can really get you down, but here are some things that I receive a feeling of love from, that have nothing to do with boys.

1. My favorite spot on the couch

2. When me and my siblings do hang out, and laugh about silly things until our stomachs hurt

3. My dog thats so excited to see me she might pee

4. The sun coming through a stained glass window

5. Having a dinner as simple as pasta with my family

6. The first sip of coffee

7. Receiving a package or letter from someone in the mail

8. Talking to my grandparents about the purest things in life

9. Showing someone a movie that I love, or watching one that they love

10. When someone makes me food

11. When someone at work tells me that they appreciate my effort

12. When I feel safe in my house or car during a storm

13. When I look at myself in the mirror and like something about what I see

14. Looking at the final product of one of my creative projects

15. Watching a particularly good movie or show

16. When things fall into place

Because I don't have too many rom-com scenarios that happen in my life, I've learned to look for love in the things that I appreciate, and that I am thankful for. And in the things that appreciate my existence right back. There are so many things in your life that make you feel better when you're sad, that allow you to escape from reality, or that give you love that you sometimes don't have time to recognize. So if you ever feel unloved, think about all the small, even inanimate things that give you a sense of happiness and find love there. P.S. I hate cheesy things, but I felt like these things that give me a feeling of love needed to be acknowledged, even if i'm the only one that benefits from this article.