All I Want For Christmas Is A Homemade Meal

All I Want For Christmas Is A Homemade Meal

Being a college student really makes you appreciate home cooked food.


As the semester draws to an end, the more I find myself in a state of disliking my college's food. It is the same thing every day, every week, every month. And honestly, family members, friends, the only thing I can request this year for Christmas is a homemade meal.

That's right, nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Just make me some soup. Any kind of soup. Chicken noodle, potato, vegetable, hey maybe a stew if you are feeling like it. Because here at college, if I eat one more chicken finger or fry I think I might just explode. I am so tired of unhealthy college food habits and the options available.

You may think I am kidding or being dramatic. But honestly, since I have gone away to college I have such a deeper appreciation for home cooked meals when I return home for the weekend or during breaks. I nearly explode from excitement when my mom makes meatloaf or anything that is not a petrified chicken tender.

I love going out to eat as well, but there is just something about going home and having your family present you with a meal with all the fixings. You could make me a grilled cheese and I would be over the moon.

When you go to a new place, or a place that makes you leave home for a little while, you really start to understand and miss the things that make home, home. Not only do I just miss home cooked food in general, I just miss home and the idea of family gathering to make food and be together. That is why I really appreciate the holidays, because it really is a time to truly appreciate what you have back at home.

I have family that goes all out on holidays, coming together to make a meal for us that is always so delicious. And that is why I appreciate when I get any sort of home cooked meal. Whether it is the simplest of meals, or a fancy one. I know it was made by someone who cares about me.

Even if it sounds silly, food is something that truly brings people together, no matter where you go in the world. It is something we can all bond on, and even as college students we bond on the fact that we miss home cooked food. Some people live off campus and cook their own food, but it will never taste as good as when someone you love makes it for you.

So that is why this year for Christmas, I just want a good homemade and hot meal. I will not be picky, just give me food that I can tell was made with a little love.

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