A Little About You

A Little About You

Part Three: Moving Fires

All women love a man in uniform. FACT. How could you not drool over a firefighter saving a puppy from a burning building? I couldn't, I was hooked, lined, and sunk. Sure, I had been in love before, I think, but not like this, it was instant, and felt like fate.

Let me back up for a minute, it was happy hour at a local bar, friends of mine were meeting up to grab drinks and unwind after a rough Thursday at the office. Sometime during my fourth or fifth margarita, a kitchen fire started and we were evacuated and the fire department showed up. They got everyone out and even rescued a puppy from the apartment above the bar.

While standing outside talking to my girls, a firefighter walked up to me interrupting my conversation.

"Hi, Hi, Hi, I'm Steven," he said.

Rolling my eyes and turning my head, I looked over at this stranger talking to me and attempting to not look annoyed replied: "Hi, Hi, Hi, I'm Emma, can I help you?"

"Sorry, I just saw your St Louis Cardinals hat, and I'm from there. You just reminded me of a little taste of home and wanted to say hey," Steven said.

At that moment, my heart melted. How could someone you just met or hadn't even met yet, remind you of home? The second our eyes locked, there was a stillness in the world. We were just there smiling at each other like complete idiots. I nearly forgot about all the people I came here with, from that moment it was just him and I.

"I've never been to St Louis actually, I'd love to go one day, in the arch. The hat was a gift from my dad." I explained. "Do you wanna come grab a drink with us when you're all done?" I asked him.

"I'd love too, I should be done here in just a minute, I'll come find you," he said walking away.

My friends all ended up leaving to go home and I waited for Steven to finish saving the world. We walked to another bar down the street, small talk, I asked him what brought him here, why he became a firefighter, the usual. We laughed at each other's bad jokes while throwing back tequila shots since I discovered he loves tequila as much as I do.

Minutes turned into hours, and the last call was closely approaching. We exchanged numbers and promised to see each other again. Walking away, I looked back, and there he was still standing there looking at me. Smiling, I continued to walk away with a new flutter in my heart.

*Ding* My phone beeped and I read "I had a really great time tonight Emma, have breakfast with me tomorrow?"

We met at a diner. He ordered eggs, and I got french toast that had more whipped cream than bread. I leaned over this mountain of whipped cream, he met me in the middle and we kissed. It was nothing special, but at the same time, it was the most special kiss I was ever graced with. We both smiled and blushed.

As perfect as everything was, you wanna know what the problem with Steven was? He was moving. Not just to the other side of town but far away, to California. He was already packing. He was leaving and yet he just arrived in my heart.

I still continued to see him while he was here, but we just didn't talk about the fact that he was leaving. We just enjoyed whatever this was while it was still here. We took a long weekend trip to Portland, partied our asses off. Ended up in a hotel bar with napkins that were more expensive than my shoes. We were dressed to the nines that night, no particular reason why, just because we wanted to look nice.

Dancing, I told him that I wish they would play my favorite song. Sitting back down to get a drink, he told me he'd be right back. After a minute or two, he sat back down next to me and the song came on the radio.

"How did you do that?!" I excitedly asked.

"I paid the DJ $20. I told him my girlfriend really wanted to hear this song," Steven said.

I hugged him, completely ignoring the fact that he called me his girlfriend. I remember us just sitting there looking up at the sky and all the lights from the buildings around us. It was so surreal, even with the music blasting and people all around us. Time stood still again, and I felt blessed.

That night we walked back to the hotel and laid down. Staring at each other we smiled and he kissed my nose. Our bodies were magnets to each other, the attraction we had was fire. I had never felt or experienced anything so intense. Kissing him gave me chills, his touch made me warm and his smile made me weak.

On top of him, I asked: "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, Do you want to?"


The next morning the sun woke me up, still there tangled in the sheets we laid. I didn't want to move. I didn't want to go home. I didn't want him to leave. He asked me to come with him, and as much as I wanted too, I wouldn't. Steven would just have to be the one that got away. That was all it was ever meant to be.

For once, Steven didn't put out a fire. He started one in me that could never be extingushed.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Dumas

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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