Alima means to me a group of individuals who love to dance and love each other.

I love being a part of such a great group on campus. Not only have I made such great friends in this group, but I've made some awesome memories too with these amazing people. Every year we get new people who bring different things to the table, which just adds to the experience.

Dancing has always been fun for me, but during college, it has become so much more. It has become an outlet for me during the stressful days of college. I can go to practice to dance a bunch in order to relieve my stress or forget about my worries. Alima has become a place where I go to dance, and that is it. I focus on dancing and try to shut out any worries or anxieties that I might have. Most of the time I end up forgetting what I was even stressed about.

Another thing that I love about this club is all the different kinds of dances that we do. Since we do dances from different cultures, it's also a learning experience. I learn actual choreography from those countries, like how cool is that! I can pull out some awesome moves whenever I go out to dance or at a dance party.

I've had such a positive experience with Alima. I love it and I'm so glad I joined my freshman year. I've learned a lot about myself through it, which has made me grow as a person. Everyone there has helped me in this growth, which makes it even more special. They are all so welcoming and loving. They are like a second family.

I think it's important for people to find something that they love to do, and to be involved whether you're in college, high school, or working; get involved somehow, especially in physical activities, to grow with people together.

It's definitely true what they say: that exercise makes you happier, and a happy wife means a happy life.