Dear Duffer Brothers, Alexei Deserved So Much Better In 'Stranger Things 3'


In just a few episodes, you stole the hearts of viewers everywhere. Even though you never even spoke a lick of English, your contagious smile, charisma, and joy touched the hearts of everyone.

Your consistent childlike glee, even though you were kidnapped in a foreign country, is a reminder to everyone to always look on the bright side and enjoy what there is to be enjoyed, instead of focusing on the negatives. You got to see America. You got to go to the 7/11 and (briefly) celebrate the 4th of July, and you were nothing but elated the whole time. These actions of yours can't help but remind us all to appreciate the little things in life that we often take for granted, even things as ordinary as a cherry (strawberry?) Slurpee. You taught us to not let the negatives of life, such as having a Russian assassin out for your blood, get in the way of having a good time. Playing your balloon game and living your best life amid being hunted like prey demonstrates your beautiful attitude on life—an attitude that I truly envy. You spent your last moment living life to its fullest.

Also, your balloon game (and your prize, and the Slurpee, and the cartoons) show how you never lost your childhood innocence, and that is something we are envy but also respect. You were so excited when you won the game, high-fiving children all around, not another adult insight. You weren't afraid of letting out your inner child, which I find admirable. Everyone has a suppressed child side, but we rarely let it show. Alexei, however, you had no problem being yourself and letting your happiness shine.

Not only do you have adorable child-like qualities, but you also have a good heart. You were literally kidnapped by foreigners and still warned them when the car was going to blow up. You told them all the secrets and where to go for everything. You didn't run away (and when you did initially, you stopped). Throughout your short stint on the show, you truly did everything possible to help the people around you as much as you could, despite all the bad they did to you. That just goes to show that your soul is good. In my eyes, you're not "Soviet scum."

Overall, Alexei, you are (were) a very special person. Though your Stranger Things time was short, we all cherish the time we had together with you. Your bravery, courageousness, and sheer joy for life is an example for all on how a good person should act. Your actions saved the world, but unfortunately, you made the ultimate sacrifice.

We appreciate you, Alexei, and hope you Rest in Peace. You deserved better.


Stranger Things Fans

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