Aleppo citizens are constantly being evacuated as Syria’s largest city has been a battleground. Try to have your thoughts and prayers sent to Aleppo as everyone in the western world is in the holiday spirit.

The major city has been in crisis since 2012, part of the Syrian Civil war. Syria has been going through turmoil, and countless civilians have been fleeing to neighboring countries and further on.

On July 16, 2016, the Syrian Government was able to stop the supply lines from the Syrian Rebels (Free Syrian Army, Levant Front, Al-Qaida branches and other factions).Aleppo was a stronghold for Rebels and used the city for counter-offensives.

The war has lead several hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians to be in the crossfire with both sides commencing multiple bombings across the city, a major effect on the casualty count. Some of the airstrikes have destroyed hospitals, schools and caused other technicalities involving food supplies to dwindle.

On October 6, 2016, President Bashar-al-Assad offered amnesty to militants in the city, prioritizing for civilians to evacuate the city away from the continuous barrage. Before the delegations of a truce, there were nightly airstrikes by Russian and Syrian government forces, affecting first responders at previous bombing site and instigating a double-tap commencement.

Rebel forces disapprove of the arrangement due to whole entire motives opposing Assad, countless bombings by his allies and the possibility of purging in East Aleppo, where it has a large amount of Sunni Muslims.

This leads to December 16, on which the Assad pact has been suspended and the on-going evacuation has been going for over two months; there is still uncertainty and strain in moving civilians out of the city. Al-Qaida militants refused evacuation in particular areas such as Fua and Kefraya, two villages populated with wounded civilians and has been assailed for years by the Islamist rebels.

These tedious accusations are partaking the inner struggles within Aleppo. Evacuations were halted due to assaults, disrespecting the arrangement. Over 8,000 civilians were able to be escape the battleground, yet tens of thousands are still stuck in the city sieges being wounded and lack of food.

As the battle maybe dwindling, it is still not over with the process of rescuing innocent lives while suppressing combatants to be deleterious. To obtain all of Aleppo, discussions between Russia and Syria will come forth on December 27 with Iran and Turkey attending.