College Students, Stop Calling Yourself 'An Alcoholic'

College Students, Stop Calling Yourself 'An Alcoholic'

By doing so, you're insulting those who have been harmed by this horrible addiction.

It's a stereotype, with quite some truth, that college students like to drink.

For many, it's their first time living away from home, and sometimes, away from overprotective parents. College is our first chance to go wild, and many of us do. We take our freedom, and open access to drugs, alcohol, and sex, and run with it.

But my message for college students experimenting with alcohol is this: you are not an alcoholic. Just because you're day drinking, or going out for Thirsty Thursday, or even storing vodka in your backpack, or doing any of the other crazy things college kids do - you're not an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is a physical and/or mental addiction to drinking alcohol. An alcoholic cannot control their drinking habits and are completely dependent on alcohol, thus disrupting the person's daily life, functioning, health, and safety.

You may joke that you are addicted to drinking, just because you're doing it Thursday through Sunday with all your friends. But are you doing it because you want to, or just because everyone else is doing it? Peer pressure has the ability to make you think you really want to do it.

Alcoholism is the most harmful form of alcohol abuse. It involves abusing the consumption of alcohol to the point of destroying your life, including your career, home life, and personal relationships.

Alcoholism can lead to domestic violence, divorce, and torn families. Some drunks are violent. Make a violent drunk an alcoholic, and you'll probably get a domestic abuser — whether that means hitting their spouse or children, it depends on the person.

Some people who grew up with an alcoholic parent could probably testify the destruction that alcoholism caused in their home, as well as in their parents' marriage, and in their own relationship with their parents.

Alcoholism isn't a joke. It destroys people, families, and relationships. Don't joke around by calling yourself an alcoholic just because you're experimenting with alcohol in college. By doing so, you're undermining all the horrible things that alcoholics, as well as their spouses and families, deal with every day, including verbal and physical abuse.

Don't make victims of alcoholism the brunt of your self-depreciating humor. Don't laugh after taking a shot on a Tuesday night and say "OMG, I'm such an alcoholic!" It isn't cute.

Symptoms of alcoholism include starting your day off with a drink, feeling a need for or craving alcohol on a daily basis, and feeling unable to stop drinking once you have started - even if it puts you or your loved ones in danger.

If you truly are an alcoholic, or think a loved one may be, you should seek help. Call the alcoholism help line at 1-888-503-3287, or attend a local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.

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To All The Pasta Fanatics Out There, This One's Got Your Name On It

If you love pasta, this is probably relatable.

True Life: I Love Pasta. Yes, pasta. What type of pasta? Literally any type.

If you have ever been genuinely, overly ecstatic when talking about going to a restaurant to get pasta or cook pasta at home, this is the article for you.

This is true life. This is a problem. I'm am going to lay out the problem and give you a solution, all for free! Lets begin.

I know, how is loving pasta a problem in the slightest way? After looking back on my life the past couple days I have realized that pasta has taken over my life. It's one thing to have pasta maybe once or even twice a week.

But, me? Oh, let me just put this in to perspective for you. I have had pasta three times in under two days. That's right, I had for dinner last night, pasta for lunch today and, wait for it...pasta for dinner tonight as well.

I know, I know. I need to slow it down. I need to add variety to my meals.

However, nothing tastes as good as pasta. Carbs. Are. My. Life. You just can not go wrong with Fettuccine Alfredo, Cajun Chicken Pasta, Spaghetti, Pesto Chicken Pasta, Seafood pasta, Tuscan Chicken Penne Pasta, Garlic and Herb Pasta and so on. (Don't forget the bread sticks!) I could probably come up with my own pasta cook book if I wanted to. (I'll get on that soon.) I am a pastaholic.

If you love parmesan topped over your pasta dishes or automatically grinning for ear to ear when you walk in to Olive Garden, then you too, are a pastaholic.

Now, for the solution? It is simple. Embrace it. Yep. You love what you love and you have to have it all the time. Call me up and we can go eat some pasta together! I am down. But seriously, moderation is key. Bon A Petit, my fellow pastaholics.

Cover Image Credit: Natashas Kitchen

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Best Vape Gifts For Special Occasions

In the spirit of giving any time of the year, any avid vapor enthusiast will love a variety of juice or e-liquid for their vape pen

Do you have a loved one in your life that lives for vaping? If so, finding the perfect gift for them shouldn’t be too hard. But if you’re not familiar with vaping, it may be a slight challenge to find e-cigarette supplies and gifts for the favorite vape addict in your life. If you know that the gift recipient loves vaping, but you’re not sure where to start with putting a gift together, here are just a few suggestions.

Get The Juice!

In the spirit of giving any time of the year, any avid vapor enthusiast will love a variety of juice or e-liquid for their vape pen. Sometimes referred to as e-juice or e-cig juice, these juices are the main flavoring behind an e-cigarette or vape cig. They come in a variety of juices or flavors that allow the user to actually taste a flavor as they take a puff off of the e-cig. Flavors range from sweet and savory bubble gum all the way to replica alcohol flavors that taste like your favorite mixed drink.

Vaping is an alternative to cigarette smoking. If you’re thinking of getting someone some juice for the e-cig, think about getting a variety pack of some of their favorite flavors for them to try and experiment with. Another gift giving option would be a monthly subscription to sample boxes of vape juice and the best vapes. This allows them to also try different flavors and also customize the tastes they want month after month. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Vaping Devices

Vaping can be a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes and this is one of its main health benefits. If you’re thinking of what would be the perfect vape gift for the e-cig lover and ex-cigarette smoker in your life this Valentine's Day, you’ll need to first narrow it down to the device. There are a few main device types and then there are various add-ons, including hardware that can be purchased to build a one-of-a-kind vape cig. So what are the main devices? Here are some examples:

  • * Mechanical devices are simple, rugged and often don’t need add-ons or upgrades.
  • *Complete systems allow you to add juice and you’re ready to go.
  • *Pen styles are easy for a quick on-the-go experience.
  • *Variable wattage and variable voltage models allow you to adjust the overall power of the product easily.
  • *Temperature controlled devices that are safe and effective to use.
  • *Simple cig-a-like devices that are either disposable or refillable.
  • *Cartridge models and clearomizers with tanks are other options for atomizers that allow for an easy refill. Remember you can customize with tanks in a variety of colors and designs.
  • *RDAs or rebuildable dripping atomizers with self-made coil and wick build-ins. Great for someone who loves to change up flavors.
  • *RTAs or rebuildable tank atomizers are a little more complicated but allow you to build your own coils and add wires.

Starting off with a basic model for gift giving is the best way to not disappoint the recipient.

Consider Cases And Storage Ideas

If you want to add to your gift or present a terrific present all on its own, go for a storage case set. These can be found at any online retailer or you can look for a storage case anywhere that will hold the e-cigs securely and safely. Look for added storage that:

  • *Has a velvet or fabric liner to help prevent scratches and accidental turn-ons of the device.
  • *Provides plenty of room for additional vape products and miscellaneous parts and pieces.
  • *Is lightweight, sealing and waterproof.

Choose a case or storage unit that fits the personality of your gift recipient and is functional and decorative. Throw in some vape swag, such as a t-shirt or hat to add pizzazz to your overall gift ensemble.

Utilize Kit Building

Another popular gift idea for the vape enthusiast is an e-cig kit. These are vape devices, vaporizers as well as box mods that allow you to build and customize a kit that fits the user’s needs. Each kit is different and often includes the essentials like a charging cable, tank, mod, vape coil and drip tip. It allows you to choose a colorful tank and mod that lets you add additional features to create the ultimate vape device that you can adjust to your own enjoyment.

Getting the right birthday or holiday gift for your loved one is easy when you know what you’re looking for and what your budget is.

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