17 Things Alabama Students Would Rather Lose Than A National Championship

At the University of Alabama, we are blessed with an amazing football program and now 17 National Championship trophies.

There are a lot of things us, Alabama students, would rather lose than a National Championship.

Here are just a few of them.

1. Their ACT Card

2. A non-ticketed parking spot on campus

3. All of their Dining Dollars

4. A game against Auburn... again

5. Their significant other

6. Domino's accepting dining dollars

7. A good GPA

8. Their spot in line at Moe's Southwest post darty

9. Their wallet on a Crimson Ride

10. Their laptop right before finals week

11. A private study room in Bruno/Gorgas

12. Their Juul

13. All of their comfort color shirts

14. A fake ID to the Rounders bouncer

15. Their cumulative exam study guide

16. Their Blue Book right before a final

17. Their dignity

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