I recently flew across the country and I thought it was worth discussing how airports really do suck. The magic of flying is and always has been incredible to me and yes, I am that person leaning over you to see out the window to the wonder below. However, the process and means of getting me and all stuff through an airport and on and off a plane are, for some reason, ridden with anxiety and awkward experiences.

First and foremost, they're almost always busy. This means watching for other people's bags and making sure you have all your own personal belongings at all times. Especially when traveling alone, it's impossible to leave anything anywhere without anyone to guard it. This means accidentally hitting people in food lies with my backpack and dragging a heavy carry-on into a bathroom stall.

Second, one is then forced to remove shoes, jewelry, place all large electronics into their own bin, and then scanned through a metal detector before even being able to board. I'm all for plane safety and I remember 9/11, so I know it's required but does it have to be so awful? I'm already probably gonna lose something important to me on accident in this building but you're going to make me set all my luggage and things down in a continuously moving line where I will inevitably struggle to get my shoes on, causing me to hold up the irritated people behind me even more? Talk about uncomfortable.

Third, one will then get squished next to people they don't know on a plane that's too hot, usually with a baby who isn't a good flyer situated somewhere nearby. Begging the steward for earphones to watch a movie helps, but not when the old man next to me tries to engage me in conversation about his job or latest novel. I love meeting new people, but we're really close together and I haven't seen Black Panther yet and they have it on the DVD player so I'm sorry but I can't talk right now.

Fourth, something always happens. For someone reason, I've always misplaced or forgotten something, my ride isn't on time or I can't find them, or someone's luggage gets lost. This time I misplaced my purse and almost lost everything that I needed for a summer away from home. It's it's not one thing, it's something else.

We're all kind of uneasy. We're all tired and we're all confused. I think we can agree that airports, no matter the destination, just kind of suck. So, the next time you find yourself angry at a layover, or at a kid that doesn't understand there is someone sitting in the seat they're kicking, I think we can all agree to acknowledge one another's groans of pain. At least next time, you'll feel a little bit better knowing no one else wants to be there anyway.