Airports are some of the most peculiar places on the planet. Some of us love the thrill of being high up in the air, but if you're like me, you've got anxiety that is through the roof. No matter how you're feeling, you are most definitely not alone. I promise you there is something to take your mind off of it, that something being the people.

The amount of people in an airport at one time is insane. I mean, think about it, the average plane has around 140 people on it at a time and there is honestly too many gates in an airport to even count. This means the cycling of people in and out of the airport is tremendous. Which leads to the question, have you ever people watched at an airport before?

The people who walk past you at an airport are all different and all from different places. This takes people watching to an all new level of interesting. The stuff that you see people do or hear them say will definitely catch you off guard.

I've been sitting at the Baltimore airport for 2 hours now waiting for take-off and here are a few embarrassing things that I have seen so far. A man tripped on his own bag and fell, someone cussed out the guy at the gate, 6 children on leashes, a man spilled his milkshake all over his shirt, and the craziest of conversations you could imagine. Talk about entertaining.

Also, never be scared to talk to the person sitting next to you on the airplane. Some of the conversations I've had in this position I will never forget. It is such a great learning experience and so interesting to learn where others are from and hear their stories.

People who say airports are boring have no idea that all they need to do is put the phone away and take out the earbuds. Every time I fly I honestly look forward to seeing all the people around me. I promise the best show is right in front of you, there is nothing more entertaining.

Pro tip: When traveling always make sure you have hand sanitizer on deck and don't touch anything you don't absolutely have to! Airports are one of the top-rated dirtiest places out there.