10 Different Types Of Airplane Hacks That Will Save Your Life

10 Different Types Of Airplane Hacks That Will Save Your Life

Imagine if you have a flight to catch at 11 p.m. and the flight is completely filled as you've purchased the last ticket. You're already exhausted from previous travel and decide it would be best to rest your eyes on this flight.


Imagine if you have a flight to catch at 11 p.m. and the flight is completely filled as you've purchased the last ticket. You're already exhausted from previous travel and decide it would be best to rest your eyes on this flight. Little did you know that there are about five babies on board, two loud toddlers, and a bumpy, jerky flight ride ahead. What should you do? As a person who flies about four to five times a year, I have endured most of the endless struggles as a passenger on board. I've come to realize that there are solutions to these problems that personally lessen some terrible flight experiences. Without further ado here are 10 different hacks you could use while flying to make your ride more comfortable and less of a hassle.

1. Avoid the babies

Although they may seem cute and cuddly at first, babies have a reputation to scream or shrill during long plane rides which can become exhausting especially when everyone is trying to sleep. The last thing you want on a flight is to end up sitting next to a restless baby that wouldn't stop crying. Trust me, I've been there. One way to avoid sitting next to a baby is to sit farthest away from partitions. Partitions are the only places on planes that are able to secure bassinets for babies. Since its more likely that babies will be found near partitions than regular seats, sitting farthest away can offer more peace and tranquility.

2. Pick an airline and stick with it

Many airlines have different rewards programs such as frequent flyer programs and reward points. By flying through the same airlines, you may have a chance of getting free check-in bags, free food, and access to faster security lines. By gaining more and more rewards points you could also win a chance to fly first class or business class. Also, by sticking with a reliable airline you trust, the staff is much friendlier and the service is much better.

3. Swallow air trick

Sometimes when the air pressure changes air gets released from the middle air causing the ear to pop. The best way I find to get rid of this ear popping is by consistently swallowing air. Swallowing air opens up the Eustachian tube, allowing your ears to feel better in no time!

4. Lost and found

If you're feeling a little cheap and not wanting to buy supplies such as chargers and wires before takeoff you could always take a quick trip to the lost and found. Usually, if an object is unclaimed for 90 days, the lost and found allows people to these objects for no charge. So keep stopping by at the lost and found and you might just win a free phone one day.

5. Try to be occupied

If you're not in the mood for a nap the best thing to do is to try to keep yourself occupied and distracted. A lot of things can be going on on a plane at once but your goal should be to tune everything out. Make sure to download a couple of songs and a few movies before boarding the plane in order to block the sounds of everything else and have something to do. I, personally, would rather listen to music than a baby crying the whole flight.

6. Cozy up!

Airplane seats are not the most comfortable chairs, especially when traveling economy class. They are compact with not a lot of leg room or space to move. The headrests aren't the softest either but you could always bring your own pillows and blankets! It never hurts to bring a few extra pillows and blankets on the way to travel comfy and maybe get a good night rest! Even though the chair they offer you are usually pretty small, you could always make the most out of it!

7. Hydrate up!

Water bottles on planes always range from the prize of 3-5 dollars which is pretty expensive for just one bottle. On top of that, Security doesn't allow you to bring beverages or any liquids on board so you have to wait till they serve you on the flight which could take hours. Luckily, no one said you couldn't bring empty bottles on the plane. After passing the security check, these empty bottles can be quickly refilled by water fountains plus they are great for the environment! Saving the environment and preparing for a flight has never been so easy.

8. Be kind

On my last plane ride, I noticed how sweet and kind my fellow passenger was to the staff on board. Soon I realized why. By spreading positive vibes and having nice conversations with staff members, more staff members will tend to like and appreciate you by providing better service. No wonder my fellow passenger got her food before everyone else.

9. Dress down

Do not wear heels, dresses, suits, jewelry, or dresses on a plane unless it's completely necessary. The only things you should be wearing are some comfy shoes (sneakers or flip-flops), shorts or sweatpants, and a tee shirt. You can always change your clothes after your flight instead of cramping in the small airplane seat wearing fancy clothes. It's always best to bring a sweatshirt because it always gets a little chilly on airplanes.

10. Eat lightly before flying

Sometimes the turbulence of a plane can be pretty bad making one feel dizzy or even sick. Eating light before flying is always better because you are less likely to consistently use the airplane's restrooms and less likely to throw up during the ride. Every person is different, but I recommend eating more after flying and less before.

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8 Tips To Stay Alive Longer In 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

It takes some skill, but there are definitely some tricks that you can use to get through to the end.


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG) is a key shooter that gives players a chance to go face-to-face for survival under conflict royale rules. Since it arrived on PC's in 2017, PUBG has gained a massive following and has expanded its versatility to other consoles. Governing as the last man or lady standing and getting that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" is what everyone wants, but so few get.

Would you like to enjoy the sweet taste of that chicken supper presented with a side of crazy murders and boasting rights? Following below tips from the total masters will fill in the alcoves and corners in your now flawed run.

1. Always use headphone to track the footsteps of other players.

Your playing will improve tremendously if you use headphones. They help to track the footsteps of enemies that show on the minimap and also let you know where the enemy is easier than if you just play with speakers on your TV or computer.

2. Customize your game settings, especially in mobile.

With PUBG mobile players can change their control plot in pretty much any manner they like. You can move the controls to anywhere you want so your dexterity is at its best when you're playing. Also, try out the gyro or clutch method to improve your kill rating. Thank me later.

3. Choose your landing area wisely.

Contacting the ground on the correct spot is significant as everything necessary is a projectile attempting to thump you down. Picking the correct area could be one of your most important decisions as the high plunder places are likewise the high-hazard zones. There are a few hot zones on each PUBG map, so make sure you're familiar with the one you're playing.

4. Use grenades and cocktails when you can.

There are a few settings in PUBG that incorporate Frag Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Smoke Grenades, and Stun Grenades. These prove extremely valuable in order to occupy, cover or murder foes amid the imperial interactivity. Hence, it's probably best to keep a couple with you at all times, just in case.

5. Use vehicles for long runs.

Not in The Zone? Rather than gasping your way there, using vehicles will make your life so much easier. You can without much of a stretch detect a vehicle or bicycle on the roadside. However, before you approach the vehicle, examine the close-by territory to seek out an adversary who may be camping in the region.

6. Choose the right pair of guns and scopes for your needs.

Not every scope is made for every gun. For example, holographic sight on a rifle is definitely not something you probably need to survive. When you get scopes, they are connected to particular firearms. Physically swap them around to make sure you have the best combination.

7. Always engage with your teammates if you are playing duo or squad.

This enables you to strategize and work with your partner amid teams and squad modes. The amusement accompanies local voice talk which gives you a chance to speak with your colleague and chase as a group. The amusement will utilize your mobile speaker and receiver. For best execution, headphones with a microphone are definitely best (if you aren't using them already).

8. Start shooting when you mean to.

It's very regular for players to get energized at whatever point they see somebody. In any case, it's important to practice restriction and not simply begin shooting without knowing what you're shooting at. In the event that you see another player and they don't see you, try to improve your position if you can and guarantee that they're inside the scope of your weapon. That way, you'll have the option to complete the slaughter instead of getting in a superfluous shootout where you risk your life as well.

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