30 Things We Should Aim To Be In 2018

30 Things We Should Aim To Be In 2018

Instead of a New Year's Resolution list, work on being a better person.

While everyone begins to make New Year's Resolutions, there is always an underlying goal that fuels the list: we aim to be better people! It is healthy to want to lose weight or travel more, but we are still the same person who does those things.

With the goal of trying to be a better person, we must aim to improve our character values. These things are not physical, but they can be measured throughout the year by our daily actions. Below is a list of words that are probably on your resume, and they are things we should all strive to be.

1. Kind

2. Confident

3. Ambitious

4. Determined

5. Caring

6. Enthusiastic

7. Intelligent

8. Creative

9. Responsible

10. Strong

11. Loyal

12. Respectful

13. Independent

14. Reliable

15. Honest

16. Brave

17. Thoughtful

18. Proud

19. Successful

20. Admirable

21. Adventurous

22. Courageous

23. Empathetic

24. Generous

25. Passionate

26. Sincere

27. Hardworking

28. Curious

29. Resourceful

30. Joyful

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13 Gross Things Girls Do That Boys Don't Know About

From a girl, about girls.

There's always talk about how gross boys are all the time, it's now time to talk about how gross maybe even how much more disgusting girls can be. It may not even be disgusting, but just weird, but we are girls. What can we say?

1. Gorilla legs.

It's not that we don't want to...okay, that was a lie. Every girl can agree that they only shave during bathing suit season when you're wearing a dress, or when you're gonna get it on. Basically, If she shaves her legs you're special.

2. When did I last wash this bra again?

We wear the same exact bra, for days, and weeks, and who knows for how long.

3. It's not just the bra's, it's the pants too.

We wear jeans and leggings like twenty times before we think about washing them.

4. We don't wash our hair every day.

Because unwashed hair is the best styling hair. Also because looking good takes too much work.

5. We are always picking at our faces, especially pimples.

As soon as we walk by a mirror, its a must. Car mirrors are awesome to pop those suckers and pluck rampant eyebrow hairs. We pop pimples like its our job.

6. We will live in your clothes.

If you somehow let your significant other or friend wear your sweatshirt you're never getting it back... and she's never taking it off. Girls will wear that sh*t until your scent is gone because we love it.

7. We poop.

Believe it or not... it happens to us too. Women don't make it as much as a show as boys do. We hide it from you and will hold it until you're not around. And you've probably received a lot of selfies on the toilet.

8. The dreaded monthly gift.

Probably the most disgusting thing to ever happen to the human body. But everyone knows about menstruating, but most guys don't understand the other things that come along with it, like the cramps that bring period farts and the nasty bowel movements and blood clots.

9. Finding hair from our head in our butt cheeks.

Yeah, it's a thing. Your head hair crawls it's way down there occasionally.

10. We smell ourselves a lot.

We are super conscious about how we smell...especially down there.

11. We let it fly.

We will hold in our farts from you, but as soon as we are alone... that's a different story. You better hope we don't get too comfortable around you too quick.

12. Sometimes we have to improvise.

Sometimes mother nature likes to come when we aren't ready, or prepared with the supplies. There are numerous occasions where we start bleeding and have to create this bundle of toilet paper and just shove it down there.

13. Looking at our panties and trying to figure out what came out.

Sometimes you just don't know for sure.

Cover Image Credit: Buzz Feed Blue

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6 Life-Changing Ways To Reduce And Relieve Stress

Breathe deeply, light a candle, and watch your stress burn away.

Stress! Personally, I don't think I have ever not been stressed. So, I did some digging and found some amazing ways that help calm and relieve my stress.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a mind and body practice that helps lower your heart rate and keeps your breathing steady. This not only helps with stress but with anxiety and panic attacks that usually come hand in hand with feeling stressed!

2. Essential oils

All you need is a simple defuser or a roll on oil bar. The best scents for stress relief are lavender, rose, orange blossom, and lemon citrus!

3. Candles

Like essential oils, the scents relax your brain and send "calm" signals through your body. There are special candles made specifically for stress called "stress-free" and "calm"

4. Write down your feelings

Ever since I have had stress attacks, I have written everything down. I have a journal with a happy saying on the cover and sit down and just write it all out. It is proven that speaking to someone or getting out all your feelings through words helps calm your body and soul.

5. Reduce caffeine

Almost everyone turns to coffee when they know they have a long, stressful day ahead. However, Caffeine speeds up your heart rate and increase blood pressure which are two things you want to avoid when stressed out!

6. Listen to music and meditate

there are so many apps out there that you can get for free to have a quick meditation session! Focus on your breathing and listen to your favorite relaxing music.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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