We live in a world full of misinformed sources.

We constantly focus on one or two news sources and rely on them to give us the truth about something. Think about it, you or someone you know probably watches Fox News while someone else watched MSNBC. Fox News is definitely a conservative news source, while MSNBC is a liberal source. Depending on what beliefs you have, you probably watch something conservative or something liberal. However, there is a problem with this.

You've seen those news stories about politicians that talk all about how "terrible" and "fake" they are. Yet you go to another news source and you see how "amazing" and "fantastic" that person is. Which is true? Well, they probably both are. There are things that different sources will tell you. They choose to share and keep certain facts while showcasing what will benefit them. After posting this information, loyal readers will look at the article and gossip about the latest schemes and drama about their least-favorite person because of what the beloved news source says. If I know one thing, it is that you need to get both sides of the story before making a decision on what is true and what isn't. There are non-bias sources out there for that.

For example, if you wanted to know which politician best favors your beliefs, you really shouldn't worry about the label that the candidate carries with them. If you are American, wanting to know what the truth is about a public figure, you should probably look at international sources written by foreign writers. A lot of times, you will find that these sources give both sides of a story and show the truth behind someone.

Misinformation leads to a lot of issues. It fuels hate and arguments that could be avoided. Hate and arguments lead to protests. In some cases, protesters don't know what they are protesting, they just protest to prove they are against someone. Having a misinformed public leads to a misinformed society. Socially, we accept what we are told and we don't do fact checking. Fact checking is extremely important. You normally wouldn't do a huge research paper for school and only use one main source. You know better than that. Although it isn't for a grade, you should look into different sources as well. Having the correct information is important, and it also shows that you care enough about an issue to properly educate yourself.

All I am asking is that you properly educate yourself. It is important to be informed. A well informed public is a well informed society.