After a Long Flight The Eagles Soared Their Way to a Victory

After a Long Flight The Eagles Soared Their Way to a Victory

Contrary to popular belief, the Philadelphia Eagles did the unthinkable.

The day has finally arrived. The smell of wings and peperoni pizza fills the air in a West Chester University apartment, and voices screaming E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES and Go Birds! make it impossible to hear the commentators on the TV screen. Fans in green, black and white jerseys, holding cans of Natural Light sit anxiously in front of the TV as they watch their team play in Super Bowl 52 against Tom Brady and the Patriots. There is an overwhelming feeling of hostility and resentment flooding the room, because this game means everything to Eagles fans. “They cheated in ’05!,” screams an intoxicated fan as Tom Brady takes the field. Another shouts “F*ck Tom Brady,” and the other fans join him unison.

The game is starting, and everyone’s eyes are glued to the TV. You can tell this is much more than a game to Eagles fans. A win for them would not just be a win for the team, but a win for so many families who grew up watching the Eagles, and a win for the city of Philadelphia. It’s been 13 years since this rowdy fan base have watched their birds compete for a Super Bowl ring. Going into the season, there was immediate attention on the Eagles for their potential; the main reason being QB Carson Wentz. Their dream was destroyed when he tore his ACL, or that’s what everyone thought. Backup quarterback Nick Foles had no choice but to step up and fill the shoes of Wentz. Since then, they’ve been considered the underdogs.

“In Foles we trust!” screams an excited fan.

Foles lead them to the number one seed, to the NFC championship, and to today. Super Bowl 52. Chatter is scattered throughout the room, all on the same topic. The focus is on nothing but the players in green. The game is tied 3-3, and Eagles fans are anxiously waiting for a touchdown. “Yeah, go birds baby!” screams a fan, as Nick Foles passes 34 yards for what they’re been waiting for. It’s exhilarating throughout the room. People high five each other and start shouting the Eagles fight song. It’s only the first quarter, and the chaos has already been unleashed.

The attention on the game and the spirit of the fans is incredible. A girl in a pink Eagles beanie and a black NFC champs t-shirt calls her dad in between commercials to discuss the game. “We might do it dad! You can finally see the birds win a Super Bowl,” she says excitedly. Before the Super Bowl was established, the Eagles won a National Title, but after the merger they have not been able to say they have won a Super Bowl. This is why this game means so much. Fans have been waiting for this for years. They want to finally earn the right to claim that their team are Super Bowl champions, especially when everyone has been counting them out.

The chaos is paused at the halftime show, as everyone takes a seat and gawks over Justin Timberlake. The halftime show is always a highlight of the Super Bowl, and brings people together. Fans link their arms together on a teal wrap around couch, and sing along to some of JT’s greatest hits. There is happiness and hopefulness in the room, as the birds are up 22-12. There’s a side conversation going on in the kitchen between two 20-year-old men. “Eagles football is literally my life. My dad, brother and I love watching this team every Sunday, they have to win it,” says one. The dedication and the love fans have for this football team is what brings people together.

The third quarter is about to start, and everyone locates back to their spots with a beer in their hand. 30 minutes stand between what could potentially be one of the biggest Super Bowl celebrations yet. The room gets louder as the minutes go by. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, because this game is a boxing match. Each team keeps taking a punch, and no one is giving up.

33-32 Patriots. The anxiousness in the room is overwhelming, and everyone is out of their seats pacing back and forth. Touchdown Eagles! Yes, everyone is excited, however there is still time on the clock against arguably the greatest quarterback ever. “We need to pray Brady doesn’t go out there and do what he does best,” says a nervous fan. After coming back from a 25 point deficit in last year’s Super Bowl, who knows what Tom Brady will do.

“Hey, hey hey. Goodbye!” is chanted throughout the room, as the Eagles have kicked a field goal, and taken an 8 point lead with just a little over a minute left to play. You can tell fans know they’ve made history, but they still wait until the clock says 0:00.

Beer cans spray everywhere and tears stream down the faces of some Eagles fans. The birds have done it. They flew their way to a victory, and the atmosphere is electric. The room is cleared out, and the streets of West Chester are overflowing with people. It’s one of those once in a lifetime moments. “I’ve waited 13 years for this to happen!” screams a fan as he pops a bottle of champagne. The streets of High and Gay are packed with hundreds of people wreaking havoc in the small town of West Chester. Dog masks and green jerseys are found everywhere you look. Everyone is ecstatic, and the mood is contagious. You can see this means the world to Eagles fans. They were counted out, but they did the unthinkable. They flew their way to a sweet, sweet victory.

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Everything The Student Athlete Loses When They Move On From Sports

Enjoy it while it lasts.


We used to call it "flipping the switch." You would go through eight hours of school (somehow) and then your mentality would automatically change. The worries and stress from the school day would dwindle as you put on your cleats and begin to warm up. Anything that was going on in your life didn't matter when you hit the dirt. You create lifelong friendships with the girls you spent every day with for months at a time. Teammates who see you susceptible after a bad game and on cloud nine after one of your bests.

You develop a routine and superstitions. Hitting your bat on the inside of your cleat before you hit, chewing a certain type of gum on the volleyball court, how many times you spin the ball before you shoot a free throw, whatever your quirk was, you 100% believed it would make you play better. You practice in your free time with your dad, devote three to five months of your school year to a team, and play all summer long with your travel team as you live off hotel breakfast. Then one day, it's all over.

It is a feeling that nobody can prepare you for. They say enjoy it while it lasts but you never really understand what you'll be walking away from when you play your last game and hang it up for good. You lose a part of yourself when you're no longer an athlete. I forgot what it feels like to be competitive and be a part of something that is bigger than myself. It has been two years since I've played my last softball game and not a day goes by when I don't miss it. I didn't play because I wanted to go pro or even to the collegiate level, but I played because it was an escape and helped me become who I am.

You begin to forget what it felt like to hit the sweet spot on a bat, what it sounded like to have an audience cheer for you as you stand alone on second base and see your family in the stands, to hear the metal spikes of your cleats on concrete when walking in the dugout. It's simple things about the game you love that brought you pure joy and an escape from the world and the thoughts in your head. Batting practice was always mine. Focusing on nothing but the next pitch and how hard I could hit it.

When you have to watch the game from the other side of the fence, you realize how much pressure you put on yourself when you played. It's just a game. Make as many memories as you can and enjoy every inning because when you leave sports behind you have to find your inner athlete in other things. Create a workout routine, joining a club sport or intramurals, or even becoming a coach. As much as I miss the sport, I am thankful for everything it brought me. It taught me how to be a good friend, respect others around me, and to push myself to discover what I was capable of.

So, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo And Christian Yelich Have Put Milwaukee Back On The Map

Two small market teams making sure the world knows who they are


"MVP" is currently being chanted around the city of Milwaukee and the people of Milwaukee aren't just talking about one person. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a forward for the Milwaukee Bucks and Christian Yelich, an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Giannis is on the path to winning this year's NBA MVP and Yelich, who happened to win the NL MVP last year, is showing no doubts on potentially becoming this year's MVP as well.

Both the Bucks and the Brewers have struggled in the past few years. The Bucks finished their 2013-2014 season with a record of 15-67. On top of that, they have been playing in the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the past couple of decades. The Bradley Center was intentionally built for hockey and not basketball so attending games for the Bucks sometimes had you in the nosebleeds barely seeing what was going on on the court. The Bucks struggled after their 2013-2014 season with records of 41-41 (2014-2015) and 33-49 (2015-2016). Now, the Bucks have recently finished their regular season and moved to the playoffs. From 15-67 just five years ago, to now 60-22 which gave them the best record in the NBA, the number one seed in the East and home-court advantage, Giannis has proved himself as potentially one of the greatest players the NBA and the Bucks franchise will ever see.

The Bucks now have a new arena that opened this season, Fiserv Forum, which is built specifically for the Bucks (and Marquette) instead of hockey. Looking back on the Bucks in their previous years compared to now, the Bucks have sold out every single game this season. Something Milwaukee never thought they would see from being a small market team. From my experience, while working for the Bucks, you can see the difference in the crowd and feel their enthusiasm and excitement radiating off of the fans. And this is all thanks to Mr. Antetokounmpo who is making his mark here in Milwaukee. Giannis has won Eastern Conference Player of the Month for October/November, December, February and March/April and even earned his spot as Eastern Conference captain for the All-Star game this year. Giannis may be considered in his prime right now, but he is only 24-years-old which means he has plenty of time to only make himself better.

The Brewers had won the NL Central Divison back in 2011 but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. After that, they struggled a bit and haven't won the title since until last year in 2018. He brought the Brewers to the NLCS last season, but unfortunately, they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yelich had 36 home runs last season and already has eight (as of 4/16/19) this season. He happens to be a great right fielder as well. In last night's (4/15/19) game against the Cardinals, Yelich alone scored three home runs.

Miller Park has been filling up more and more each game of Brewers fans. Being a small market team like their cross-city friends, the Bucks, bringing home an MVP title as well as a division title, it makes everyone aware of their greatness and dedication. The season may have just started back up again, but there is no doubt, if Yelich and his teammates keep playing like they are right now, they will have another shot of making it to the World Series.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Christian Yelich have brought and will continue to bring excitement and greatness to Milwaukee which is something the city hasn't seen in a while. This era of sports will surely be remembered for a long time by the people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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