How To Finally Relax After Finals

How To Finally Relax After Finals

Take a deep breath, you deserve it.

You did it! Good job! Now relax!

Honestly, anxieties and responsibilities can wait for a day or two. That upcoming summer job or preparations for the next school year? Yes, these things are important and should not be ignored, but they can wait for at the very least 24 hours.

Final exams spike your stress levels well above what they normally should be and if you’re anything like me, you spend the whole process in a hazy mess of caffeine, no sleep and anxiety. While colleges and professors try to make things as smooth as possible for their students, it is ultimately up to you as the student to really give yourself some breathing room!

After your last final, even if you have other responsibilities, you’re going to need to detox your brain. Flinging yourself from one panic-inducing situation to another is far from healthy and will, over time, wear you down. Don’t feel guilty about the need to relax. Sleep in late the next day, treat yourself to something tasty, lay in bed with Netflix or a good book or maybe just grab a pair of headphones and tune out the external world for a little while. Whatever you prefer, whatever you choose to do, try to clear your head. Breathe deep enough to fill your chest and exhale the crap your institution just put you through.

That’s not to say put everything off, quite the opposite actually. Only give yourself some downtime once you’re sure everything is done. All papers turned in? Check! All exams finished up? Check! Make sure your homework is done, all missing work is cleared up with your professors and if you’re moving out of a dorm or apartment, that you’ve started packing up and done some preliminary housework. The idea is to have a time and space where you can clear your head, not procrastinate and make you feel even worse!

We all know that eventually however well or poorly you did on your exams is going to be made known, and I know that anxiety as much as anybody. It is something worth worrying over for sure, but just like everything else, give it time. It isn’t coming yet and you only just took the tests. Take that quiet before the upcoming freak out (or relief hopefully) as a chance to enjoy yourself. It’s coming up whether you like it or not and there’s no way to fight it, so hope for the best but don’t work yourself up into a tizzy fit. Don’t worry about your grades yet, whether you did well or not will be revealed in time, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

So before that mess and after the storm of exams use a little of the in-between for yourself. There’s no shame in it. Trust me. I’ll be on the couch watching Twin Peaks and reading a book with a cup of tea for the next few days. It’s a mental health requirement!

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I Am A Graduate From Grand Canyon University And The Lessons Learned Go Far Beyond The Classroom

Lopes Out Homies!

Besides the color purple everywhere and the antelope mascot you see popping into classrooms every now and then, there is a phrase that almost every newly graduate says once they cross that stage at graduation and that is, "Lopes out!"

Being a student at Grand Canyon University has been an experience filled with highs and lows. But with every situation, GCU fostered an environment that not only encouraged "finding our purpose" but also helped us feel safe and wanted. Some people may see this school as a bubble, and in a way it is. It's a bubble of people who want the best for you.

1. You are NOT defined by the major you choose, the grades you receive, or if you won the karaoke contest that one time.

2. Community is something that is not only important but should be cherished.

3. It's ok to change your major and it's ok to step outside your comfort zone.

4. Each person you meet and walk by has their own story and their own struggles.

5. There is power in putting yourself second.

6. Showing kindness to others can change a person's day, week, and could possibly save their life.

7. If your least favorite color is purple...Be ready to own at least 10 purple shirts by the end of your freshman year.

8. Free food is the best kind.

9. Attending those sporting events (even if it's a sport you're not interested in) is always a party.

10. Take advantage of every learning opportunity and event that is offered to you.

11. It's ok not to be absolute besties with your roommates. Actually, that's normal.

It's also normal to fall out of touch with them after a while. Life happens and we move on. But if you're besties with your roommates then that's great! There's no rule here.

12. It's ok to say no.

13. Fitness is more than just "getting that summer bod".

14. Chik-Fil-A is amazing.

15. Speaking up is not shameful or weak.

16. See Something, Say Something is actually something to take seriously.

17. To get the most of your money, it helps to actually read your textbook and go beyond what the requirements are for essays and group projects.

18. Group projects can suck but it helps if you actually participate.

19. You are MORE than your GPA and your resume.

20. Serving the community is something that you can do without the photo evidence.

21. You are not an accident and you can do amazing things.

22. You were created WITH and FOR a purpose and that is beautiful.

23. Don't sell yourself short and take pride in your work.

Getting out of this bubble is a large jump into a life that you have been trying to prepare for. And that jump is finally here! It's going to be tough, scary, and amazing. And YOU CAN DO THIS!

To quote the OG Taylor Swift,

"Long live the walls we crashed through. All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you. I was screaming long live all the magic we made. And bring on all the pretenders I'm not afraid. Long live all the mountains we moved. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you. I was screaming long live that look on your face and bring on all the pretenders. One day, we will be remembered."

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Give Frat Boys A Chance Because They're Not All Bad

Yes, I'm talking about you, Delta Upsilon.

I'm sure I don't have to explain how terrible frats can be. There can be the guy who won't leave you alone or drugs your drink. But we have to think about this logically. NOT ALL FRATS ARE BAD. It shouldn't be a surprise that people have the potential to be terrible and frat culture has a tendency to bring this terrible side out in young men.

When I came to college, I thought this stereotype was 100% true. I was super skeptical when my best friend at the time invited me to a frat party. She claimed these boys were different and I just couldn't believe it. However, I went and met some wonderful people. It's about two years later, and you can still catch me going to their frat events on the regular.

Yes, I'm talking about you, Delta Upsilon. I have some really great friends within your frat and I'm so glad you guys don't live up to the nasty stereotype of frat boys. These frat boys are caring individuals and some of them have helped me through some really hard times.

Of course, I've still had times at their events where boys can get a little too touchy, but these frat boys don't let that sh*t fly. I feel super comfortable being around these boys, and I try to attend all the events I can. I've met some wonderful people through this frat and I've even had classes with some.

Maybe it's rare to find a frat where girls feel relatively safe, but then I've majorly lucked out. I guess I'm asking to look behind the stereotype and try to actually get to know a frat boy. They just might surprise you.

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